Taylor Swift And Emma Stone Are In Bride Wars, Vying For Wedding Ceremony?

Aesha |Dec 19, 2019

Taylor Swift and Emma Stone are allegedly having a competition for their wedding plans. What is the truth behind this speculation?

Taylor Swift and Emma Stone are two famous and bankable stars of Hollywood. While Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn have been in love for nearly three years, Emma Stone and screenwriter Dave McCary have recently got engaged after two years of dating.

When both of these influential women have turned 30, the news that the audience is most looking forward to is their marriage and engagement news. Recently, rumors of Taylor and Emma vying with each other for holding a wedding ceremony have grabbed exceptional attention from the online community.


In detail, as per Heat, Tayor Swift and Emma Stone are having a conflict called “bride wars”. This journal has quoted from an anonymous grapevine that both of them said they want to have their wedding ceremony next year and suddenly, they put themselves in a competition.

Taylor heard that Emma had started sending out early wedding cards to some of her close friends, which prompted her to speed up the planning of her marriage. Because Taylor and her younger boyfriend dated longer, she thought they had to get married first, but for now, both in the execution and in the decision, Emma is doing it faster.

Emma Stone

The anonymous source even revealed that the Lover singer was worried that her and Emma’s mutual friends, ​​such as Jennifer Lawrence, would not attend her wedding because the two ceremonies took place too close to each other. This information is completely fabricated because a true friend will not abandon your wedding because you are busy attending another wedding. This person said that Emma had no intention to change the wedding plan. The actress is not sure if Taylor will get married next year so she will not wait.


Towards this ridiculous source, Gossip Cop stood out to reject it completely. In April, there was an article claiming that Taylor was vying in the getting married race with Katy Perry. These baseless "wars" are just a trick to get viewers. Information on the wedding of both Taylor Swift and Emma Stone has not been decided and made public. So all the information about their plans is unfounded.


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