Erotic Magazine Model Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband – Fairy-tale Love Story In Real Life

Leela Adwani |May 29, 2020

Since they tied the knot, the duo has become more open and public about their relationship. See their best moments!

1991 born American model and actress Emily Ratajkowshi is no stranger to the sexiness. She debuted as a model on the cover of the erotic magazine treats! in the year 2012. Starting her career with a bang, Emily quickly gained popularity and became one of the most sought-after faces in the modeling industry. In 2018, she decided to settle down with her boyfriend Sebastian Bear-McClard. Since then the topics about Emily Ratajkowshi and husband have grabbed eyeballs.

Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband Feature
Emily Ratajkowshi and her husband always give us major couple goals

However, they had mostly kept their relationship private before marriage. Since they tied the knot, the duo has become more open and public about their relationship. Especially, on Instagram, the model usually gives her fans an insight into her marriage life.

Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 1
Emily Ratajkowshi with dog

It’s not far off the mark to say Emily Ratajkowshi and husband always effortlessly give us major couple goals.

Especially, during the quarantine, they seem like enjoying their second and longest honeymoon together.

Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 2
The picture seems to be taken by her husband
Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 3
Another picture with their "baby"

Check out some pictures of Emily Ratajkowshi and husband:

Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 4
Mirror selfie in the bathroom and Emily is going topless

It’s a mirror selfie picture where the couple is in their bathroom and um… naked. Emily wore nothing and her husband is hugging her from behind.

Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 5
So much love in this picture

The monochrome photo shows the model sitting on her husband’s lap while he is kissing her shoulder. How sweet!

The short video showcases the model dancing in front of her husband who is sitting on the other side of the pool. Sharing the video, Emily captioned, “He knows how to hype me up.”

Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 7
Just love!

The picture shows them on the same sunbathing chair and her husband is hugging her from behind. Looking at their outfits, it seems like they are on a vacation.

Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 8
They don't shy away from kissing in the public

It’s not wrong to say their PDA moments make a lot of people get crazy and this picture is a case in point. Sharing a kiss on the street, they look perfect together.

Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 9
Selfie on the bed
Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 10
They also usually wear couple outfits
Emily Ratajkowshi And Husband 11
A hug from behind is more than any word can say

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