Tim Burton's Live-Action 'Dumbo' Trailer Will Make You Cry

Nagini Shree |Nov 15, 2018

The beloved elephant comes to life like never before.

The new trailer for the live-action remake of Disney's Dumbo has been released. It is inspired by the story of a cute baby elephant with huge ears separated from his mother when he was born.

The trailer surrounds a family working for the circus, and the father Holt Farrier (circus worker) discovered Dumbo in his tent.

When his two kids take care of and play with Dumbo, they are surprised to see that this elephant is able to fly thanks to his giant ears because of suddenly inhaling a feather.

However, troubles come knocking their door when the rich businessman Michael Keaton wants to make quick bucks from the circus.

The evil showman takes control of the circus, he decides to buy other elephants including Dumbo’s mother, just remains little Dumbo. The most heartbreaking moment is when Dumbo’s mother tries to wrap around her poor baby with her trunk through the bars of her cage. The scene seems more touching and haunted when the chilling tones Baby Mine is played.

A quick cut depicts Dumbo looking completely sad and desperate with sunken eyes. Holt Farrier

The film stars Danny DeVito (Max Medici), Colin Farrell (Holt Farrier), Eva Green (Colette Marchant), and Michael Keaton (V.A. Vandevere.)

Directed by Tim Burton based on a script by Ehren Kruger, Dumbo flies into theaters March 29, 2019.


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