"Dumbo" First Reaction: An Enjoyable Remake With Stunning Visual Effect

Priyansh Ha |Mar 13, 2019

"Are you ready to DUMBO?"

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The remake of animated classic Dumbo has made its premiere and received a lot of praises on the stunning visual effect.

Last Monday, on March 11, the premiere of Disney’s Dumbo took place at El Capitan Theater. It was a star-studded event with many Hollywood celebs such as Eva Green, Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Michael Keaton and especially Angelina Jolie and her kids.

Full reviews are embargoed until March 26, just three days before the film's March 29 release date, which puts even more emphasis on these early analyses.

Movie critics finally had chances to watch spread their opinions around the remake on social media. However, full reviews won’t be available until the official release date on March 29.

Impressive Visual Effect 

Most of them agree that Burton’s film is a visually stunning remake of the classic one. Released in 1941, the original is a sweet story about the adorable elephant with giant ears named Dumbo.

According to Mike Manalo, of the Nerds of Color blog, it was a great movie with special effects. It, however, doesn’t hold the same vibe of the classic original. Something about the sincerity is missing. In addition to that, the talented cast doesn’t have enough space as the characters and relationships are paper thin.

Apart from the great visual, Tom Jorgensen from IGN also lauded Michael Keaton fun performance and the adorable elephant. On the downside, the critic said that it was a bit disjointed and the undercooked human story somehow spoiled the great movie.

Peter Sciretta‏ of Slashfilm.com seemed to be so excited about the movie saying that it was fantastic. He also added that it was an enjoyable one which is way better than other remakes like 'Mary Poppins Returns’ or 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Another praise comes from entertainment editor at Gamespot.com, Chris Hayner. Calling it a "flat-out incredible", he supposed that the movie had enough amount of cuteness and interesting musical nods.

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