The Grinch Is Quite The Killjoy, Despite Benedict Cumberbatch or Pharrell Williams

ThuyNT |Nov 09, 2018

The Grinch has a familiar plot, about an ugly creature named Grinch, who tries to steal the Whoville civilians Chrismast.

In this Christmas festival, the audiences across over the world will have a chance to book a ticket coming back to their childhood with a classic movie based on Christmas topic. That is ‘The Grinch’ - one of the most unforgettable remarks in children’s literature.

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When The Grinch was released in 1957 and became popular worldwide, the fable of a mean and green ogre has generated a series of TV shows, short cartoons and a live-action movie (actor Jim Carrey had played the main role in this movie).

Recently, The Grinch was remade into a 3D animated Christmas movie by director Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier with the coming back of the grumpish and cunning villain created by Dr. Seuss and his tricks to annoy Christmas.

In the previous movie, the good doctor is used to be voiced by Boris Karloff and Anthony Hopkins, but in this version, Pharrell Williams will become the narrator.

The Grinch
The story-line has hardly changed and started by the isolated and quiet life of Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) is disturbed when citizens in Whoville town want to commemorate a bigger Christmas than usual.

This event makes a reindeer named Fred to retaliate against the townspeople, along with the lonely ogre has disguised himself as Santa Claus to thieve away everyone’s gifts. The solution is easy to guess and supposedly happy and finally thanks to a little girl, the mean grump can understand the meanings of compassion and tolerance.

Sadly, the movie has many expected factors such as inspired cast list include Benedict Cumberbatch or Pharrell Williams and the appearance of superstar Angela Lansbury as a cameo, but it could not impress the audience and conveyed its message. The camera works chaotically, the candy-colorful background is just attractive enough to very small kids. Disappointedly, The Grinch even cannot satisfy the basic requirement of kiddie fare.

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