David Beckham Advises Son Brooklyn To Distance Himself From Girlfriend Hana Cross?

Mina Muzumdar |Jun 04, 2019

After a series of Public arguments between Brooklyn and his girlfriend Hana Cross, David Beckham has finally need to break his silence on his son relationship?

Young model Hana Cross and David Beckham's son Brooklyn has been dating for a few months, however, their relationship seems to hit a rough patch following a series of public arguments. According to the report, David Beckham recently advised his eldest son to take a break with Hana Cross.

Brooklyn And Hana Cross
Brooklyn And Hana Cross on the street

Earlier, the 22-year-old model and Brooklyn were spotted in constant bickering - their most recent image was snapped after Cannes Film Festival 2019


Moreover, David Beckham also told his son should not bring Hana Cross to family events. Beckham's family just recently have a vacation in Miami where Hana seems wasn't invited to join.

The source further detailed: "David has asked Brooklyn to spend more time with them all in a bid to get inside his head and help him."

Meanwhile, David Beckham understood how tough it is for the young to fall in love. Even though he didn't want to interfere with their relationship but after recent events, the former football player felt that he need to break his silence. Reportedly, during attending Cannes Film Festival, Hana Cross lashed out at Brooklyn again at Hotel Martinez, which then had made security guards to isolate them from each other to avoid greater conflict.

The couple then were spotted 'screaming and crying' in another public spat. David and Victoria Beckham, of course, aware of their son public drama and seriously worried about the future of this toxic relationship.

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