Chris Evans thinks Kanye West 's support for Trump is maddening

Author |Oct 01, 2018

oct 1, 2018

Recently, both  Chris Evans(actor) and Lana Del Rey (singer) were against Kanye West. The reason is that the rapper has shown his support for President Trump and the termination of 13th amendment.

Chris Evans did not agree with the act of rapper Kanye West when he agrees to the abolishment of the 13th Amendment in the US constitution, saying that the rapper is crazy.

On Sunday, the 41-year-old rapper posted on Twitter. It was a photo of himself wearing the “Make America Great Again” hat when being on his private jet. Hereby is his tweet: “This represents good and America becoming whole again. We will no longer outsource to other countries." WWith the abolishment of the 13th amendment, he believes the government can build more factories which will provide more job opportunities for people, including those who are previously prisoners. Kanye West ended his tweet with "Message sent with love.” His representative did not have any immediate action when asked for comment on this action. As a reply on this action of the "Stronger" rapper, Chris Evans also posted a tweet, saying that it is crazy to debate with someone who does not understand history or read books, which shows a lack in virtue (implying Kanye West). According to the Captain America actor, the lack of knowledge that Kayne West showed in his tweet is annoying, retrogressive and especially terrifying as he never sees something like this before.

 Regarding the 13th Amendment (signed in 1865- post US's civil war): it dismissed slavery and compulsory servant issue. However, the law stated that the government can make use of the criminals. Those are the ones who are in prison, which can be used to work as slave labour.

Writer Yashar Ali wrote that tweet and tried to clarify West’s tweet. Ali said since the 41-year-old rapper did not specify that in his tweet, therefore people find it confused. However, Chris Evans are among those who did not agree with that.

 As a response to West's comment, president Trump tweeted on Sunday that he no longer follows the well known Saturday Night Live TV show. He thinks it is not humorous and attractive.

Image result for kanye west According to the 45th president of the United States, what Kanye West said is an advertisement for the Democratic world. By putting the MAGA hat on, Trump thinks that West has taken the lead, which is great.

Once again, West creates the controversy by what he sang during the show. What he wants to deliver through the song is mostly is about black people in the US. He sang about what they have to suffer, like being bullied by other people.

That makes him want to cry. Next to that, Kanye West delivered a speech when wearing that hat during the “Saturday Night Live’. Colin Jost, together with host Adam Driver was also at the show. Kayne West claimed that black people are not always on Democrats's side.

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