Charlize Theron Reveals The Shocking Truth That Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Used To Be A Boy!!!

Priyansh Ha |Apr 22, 2019

Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron has revealed that she is raising her seven-year-old child as a girl after she looked at me when she was three years old and said: ‘I am not a boy!’”.

Recently, the American actress Charlize Theron has made the headlines for a controversial parenting move. The Mad Max actress is reportedly raising her seven-year-old son Jackson as a girl, which not many people agree with her decision. 

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron reveals the shocking truth that her 7-year-old daughter used to be a boy. (Source: Washington Times)

Through the years, there's been tons of speculation about why Jackson wears dresses, which are often thought to be "feminine," and Charlize just confirmed Jackson is a girl. 

Charlize Theron S Son Is Transitioning 5
Charlize Theron and her daughter Jackson in girly outfits and long-braided hair. (Source: Bet Networks)

She Adamantly Defends Her Parenting Moves

Determinedly protecting her parenting moves, the Long Shot actress insisted that Jackson is a girl like her little sister August. The mother of two said all she wanted to do was protecting her children and letting them thrive. 

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Source: Hindustan Times

While gender debate is doing the rounds among celebrities, Charlize seemed to take it too far when she chose to raise her son as a girl. This story may get us to reminisce about the David Reimer case when a man grew up as a girl after a failed circumcision. She became the subject of a study conducted by the Baltimore doctor. His parents were persuaded to allow the female hormone test on their son, but they soon got angry and regretted this decision. 

Regardless of Charlize Theron’s effort on making a bold gender statement, it’s risky and irresponsible to do so with a 7-year-old child. Charlize adopted Jackson in March 2012 and her sister August in July 2015. The actress will be seen opposite Seth Rogen in Long Shot, which is going to hit the theatre on May 3.


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