Brie Larson - From An Unknown Star To First Captain Marvel’s Female Superhero

Kareena Kusari |Mar 07, 2019

With the simultaneous possession of solemnity, strength and a sense of humour, Brie Lason has convinced Captain Marvel's creator that she is an ideal selection for the talented writer's character.

Brie Larson Alpha Coders
Brie Larson. Photo Credit: Alpha Coders.

Brie Larson has just become an attention-grabbing actress in the last few years. However, few people know that Captain Marvel star started her acting career as a 6-year little girl. Up to now, she possesses over 20 years’ acting experience in Hollywood cinema.

From A Lesser-Known Name To The Oscar Phenomenon

The 6-year-old little girl Brie Larson marked her first appearance on TV in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promo Malibu Mudslide Barbie (1996). During the subsequent years, the kid star continued appeared in numerous other TV shows. Besides, Brie Larson also encroached on music and released her music album.

However, during her twenties, Brie has no longer concurrently spread her career in many fields as before. Instead, the young actress has chosen her path by having many tries in acting with a variety of roles. Nonetheless, the name Brie Larson can't still become a leading choice in many Hollywood directors’ eyes at that time.

It was not until 2013 that Brie Larson began to grab attention from Lenny Abrahamson, Room’s director, thanks to her impressive role as the young supervisor for troubled teenagers in 2013 Short Term 12. Facing the stiff competition between countless leading actress including Rooney Mara, Mia Wasikowska, Emma Watson and Brie's best friend, Shailene Woodley (Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars star), Brie Larson was still an ultimate choice for Room’s female lead by Lenny.

Brie Larson Youtube
Brie Larson In 2016 Oscar Awards Ceremony. Photo Credit: Internet.

In the movie, Brie plays Joy "Ma" Newsome, a woman who was kidnapped, raped, held captive for seven years. With her excellent portrayal, the actress became a phenomenon which made much noise in the film industry at that time. Thenceforth, the 29-year-old actress suddenly received countless interviews, film festivals, awards ceremony. Eventually, at the 2016 Academy Awards Ceremony, Brie shined as winning a coveted prize for Best Actress for her convincing performance in Room.

Despite a box-office failure as merely raking in over $36 million globally, Lenny Abrahamson's flick was artistically successful. And Brie's breakthrough portrayal in Room became a stepping stone which led Brie to a more brilliant Hollywood career. From an actress who predominantly appeared in supporting roles or low-budget films, Brie has been the female lead in many hits including 2017 blockbuster Kong: Skull Island and the upcoming billion-dollar mega buster Captain Marvel.

The path to the dreamy role in Captain Marvel

As the sweet taste of Oscar victory hadn't still faded yet, Brie Larson received good news from Marvel Studios. They said they were planning to produce a new film about the superhero and invited her to fill the female lead. Of course, the Room star instantly accepted.

Captain Marvel is the first film to have its principal character being a female superhero in the cinematic universe. With her power similar to the atomic bomb, this superhero can reportedly make a big turning point for MCU. Therefore, the movie always garners so much limelight right after the project's announcement from the producer.

Brie Larson Tech4vn
Brie Larson in Captain Marvel. Photo Credit: Tech4vn.

Kelly Sue DeConnick, Captain Marvel's creator, expressed her excitement about Brie Larson's upcoming performance. In an interview with Vanity Fair, DeConnick said that his first dreamy option for this character in 1983 is the veteran actress Kathleen Turner. However, with the simultaneous possession of solemnity, strength and a sense of humour, Brie has convinced DeConnick that she is an ideal selection for the talented writer's character.

In last month's fan meeting in Singapore, Brie Larson confided that it took her nine months to finish her portrayal of the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. Also, the actress revealed that she once cried right on the floor and begging permission to pause. Nevertheless, the 2016 Oscar-winner subsequently overcome all obstacles to complete all her scenes successfully.

Notably, Captain Marvel's exclusive premiere in late February won numberless positive responses from viewers. It is a clear signal for Brie Larson to capture the audiences' heart after its official release on March 8.

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