A Deadly Mistake! Bond Girl Tanya Roberts Was Alive After Being Announced Dead

Hanima Anand |Jan 05, 2021

The actress has been treated in intensive care unit yet her representative informed she was dead after collapsing on Christmas Eve. Read details below!

The Bond girl Tanya Roberts was announced dead on Sunday, January 3rd by her own representative Mike Pingel. However, the same source confirms she was alive one day later.

Tanya Roberts Young Photo
Tanya Roberts is a famous American actress in TV series.

Tanya Roberts collapsed at Christmas

Earlier, it’s reported that the American actress collapsed after walking her dog on Christmas Eve. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and put on a ventilator. However, her representative said she didn’t recover and breathed her last not long after.

The news of Tanya Roberts broke out two days ago before her close source retracts the mistaken announcement.

Tanya Roberts was still alive

Around 10 a.m on Monday, January 4th, Tanya Robert’s boyfriend received a call from the hospital where she was treated. They informed that the actress was still alive.

Tanya Roberts Young Photo 2
At her time, Tanya Roberts was an American beauty icon.

Tanya’s representative also confirmed this. He said her longtime boyfriend named O’Brien truly believed Tanya was dead before getting the phone call.

O’Brien broke into tears when the hospital informed him she’s alive from the ICU.

As for Tanya’s rep Pingel, he was devastated at the time he announced she was dead. They were friends for more than 20 years. But now, he was so happy to know she’s still alive.

***Updated: Tanya Roberts breathed her last on the night of January 4th. Her representative and boyfriend have confirmed the news in the evening of January 5.

About Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts was born in 1955 in New York. She is associated with the character Julie Rogers in the classic TV series Charlie’s Angels. However, she became most popular to the movie fans after starring in a James Bond film A View to a Kill in 1985.

Tanya Roberts As Bond Girl
Roberts in the 1985 James Bond movie

Tanya got married to Barry Roberts but he died in 2006. O’Brien is her current boyfriend.

Other than an actress, Tanya Roberts is also a producer. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she is very active on social media and often hosts video chats on Zoom and Facebook.

Tanya Roberts
Roberts was in good health before collapsing on December 24.

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