Avengers 4: Could This Be The Longest MCU Film Ever?

Author |Nov 10, 2018

Avengers 4 could have the longest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

It seems that Marvel superheroes have to take much more time to beat down Thanos - the greatest villain in the upcoming unnamed Avengers 4. Speaking live-stream with Q&A, director Joe Russo has revealed that the 4th installment of the MCU movie could be the longest runtime ever.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho 'Avengers 4' Runtime Is Currently 3 Hours
Avengers 4

To be more specific, the running time of the next blockbuster could last three hours. However, there is a possibility of runtime changed.

When asked about the process of post-production, Joe said that team were in the midway of the editing process and still editing pictures. They just flipped through VFX shots, specifically 3000 ones in the movies. He added that this process took a great deal of time, effort and energy, but they were going to get them done.

Russo went on to troll his fans with two separate fake technical errors and kept the title of the film under wrap. But he was excited to promise that the film would satisfy their expectations. Moreover, its stakes absolutely are the highest of any of the films to date.

So far, Infinity War has been the highest-grossing movie of Marvel Studio, brought in more than 2 billion dollars in total worldwide and holds runtime record sitting at two hours and forty minutes.

Avengers next installment is going to hit the theaters in May 2019.


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