Aquaman Makes Rs 6200 cr After One Month, Breaks Dark Knight Rises, Batman v Superman’s Records

Priyansh Ha |Jan 07, 2019

The lastes superhero film from DC Extended Univer has broken the records of Dark Night Rises to become the biggest film ever of DC studio.

Aqua 2
Aquaman is pacing up to reach $900 million worldwide

One month after the release, the latest superhero film from DC studio Aquaman has broken 2 records by the end of last week. Overtaking The Dark Knight Rises of Christopher Nolan, the film has become the highest-grossing superhero film of DC in the international market. It also defeats Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice to become the biggest film ever in the DC Extended Universe. The movie 

According to Forbes, Aquaman has reached $887 million (Rs 6167 crore) internationally so far. The runner-up Batman vs Superman only had $873 in total. After the disappointing release of Justice League last year, Warner Bros’ has overwhelmed fans with a spectacular blockbuster. The film profit at the moment is 3 times higher than Justice League which only reached $300 million in total.

One scene from Aquaman with Amber Heard and Jason Momoa

One-fourth Of The Profit Is From China

With $649 million of overseas total gross, the film is now on the top of biggest DC films overseas. Not only in DC Extended Universe but it has also knocked down other Marvel’s blockbusters such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok or Doctor Strange in regard to total gross. Only in China market, Aquaman even made $260 million (Rs 1800 crore), one-fourth of the total.

With Amber Heard and Jason Momoa in the lead roles, Aquaman has received many positive critics for the visual and adventurous tone Wan has made. The movie is considered to be separated from DCEU typical darker aesthetic, the lead factor of box office decrease. 

However, the film has failed to secure an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effect which made James Wan unhappy. Meanwhile, a source has revealed that Warner Bros is going on the process of developing the sequel Aquaman 2.

Following the release of Aquaman is the first part of Shazam in April and the sequel of Wonder Women in the following year.


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