After Blockbuster Aquaman, Here Is Ranking of DC Extended Universe Films

Mina Muzumdar |Dec 16, 2018

People around the world are excited about the Aquaman of Jason Momoa and the latest movie of Warner Bros can be considered as the saviour for DC Extended Universe. Here’s a ranking of DC Extended Universe films from worst to best.

A few years ago, while DC films received harsh criticism from the critic, they prove the contrary by successfully captivating a large number audience to the theatre. And it showed that the critics were out of touch with the public’s interest.

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Before the official release of Aquaman, DC had prepared for their movie by letting him appeared in the different franchise of superheroes film. The first time Aquaman appeared in DCEU was in Batman vs Superman; after that Aquaman was officially introduced in Justice League. All the plot detail of the previous film can be considered as the basement for the story of Aquaman. Strikingly, when Aquaman finally hit the box office, Atom Tickets revealed that Aquaman broke the pre-sales record of Avenger: Infinity War.

Learning from the success of Wonder Woman stepping out of the dark context which was set by The Dark Knight, James Wan is free to create and drive the movie to new directions.

Here’s a ranking of DC Extended Universe films from worst to best.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

To be honest, it is not easy to say Batman vs Superman is really a superhero movie even most DC fan want to see two lead characters against each other. The movie is more likely an argument between two boys to decide who have longer capes and the fight happened when they cannot make a decision.

However, after releasing the ‘ultimate edition’ which is a full-length version of the movie, the 'ultimate edition’ is absolutely better than the theatre version. If that version is in this list, Batman vs Superman will have a higher rank.

Justice League

At any moment, Justice League can be considered to give such a huge number of extraordinary dumb moments with unnatural jokes, the plots are so faint compared to the original animated series of DC. However, those pure joy still can make a group of delighted fans have a positive palpitation.

The movie showed the bizarre orientation in producing films of DC Extended Universe; They are trying to react to their predecessors immediately. The movie owns forgettable music of Danny Elfman, an ugly main villain (pretty sure that no one could think DC has such a poor imagination and takes an hour just for build-up the team. Without mentioned false, Justice League is not easy to be considered as terrible as it is.

Suicide Squad

It is hard to believe but there is the scene considered as the heart of the movie Suicide Squad; It just takes one scene to transform Suicide Squad and that scene is really a godsend for the movie. That is when the squad, all are wet and tired, is in the bar after surviving from the strike of enemies; No one said anything, only El Diablo is sharing his story. It might not be the best scene, yet it emerged among time-hopping, jarring, and clumsy storytelling. Besides, that was not the first-time members of Suicide Squad resembled real and trustable. In spite of what audiences have watched so far, Suicide Squad really has a heart and a soul.

Additionally, the characters' costumes are quite ridiculous; even this is a war, Harley Quinn wears like she is on the way to a bar, the most powerful character, El Diablo, wears like he is hanging out with friends. Furthermore, not sure if anyone realised that it is so weird when the closer they reach Enchantress, the fewer enemies they strike.


Different from the vision of Zack Snyder, the Aquaman of James Wan did not use much heavy metal for the armour. Besides, the generosity in time is an advantage for Jason Momoa to drive his character, Arthur Curry, in much better directions. Moreover, the Atlantis in the legendary look stunning with beautiful creatures on a huge screen. James Wan and design crews must be so dedicated to building up a beautiful world and character with gorgeous looking.

However, the movie is quite cluttered and a bit messy. Besides that, the movie owns a classic CGI final fight like previous superhero films like the fight between Ares and Wonder Woman, Doomsday and Superman, Zod and Superman.

Man of Steel

Man of Steel has proved Zack Snyder's understanding of superheroes' iconography and it is hard to point out anyone could do it better than him. Just the trailer alone, it is such an impressive artwork; when the kid with red capes poses the iconic pose of Superman, hands-on-hip pose, that is the childhood of many people who had grown up with Superman comic. Apparently, most children did that at least one time in their life with any towel or blanket.

Man of Steel is not just a movie showed off the mighty power of Superman who is super strong, super speed, laser eye, and able to fly. In a moment of the film, Jack Snyder showed to the world a god on the ground with many doubts; a god wandering to different towns, taking different jobs, being convinced that he got nothing but troubles if the world finds out his power.

It is not easy to forget the moment that Clark Kent wandering along a road, looking for the kindness from a stranger when trying to catch a truck coming but the truck did not stop and Clark Kent lonely keeps walking. He is Superman, he has abilities that everyone dreams of but he is alone. He helps everyone, still no one helps him. What a brilliant director! Zack Snyder.

Wonder Woman

After the not-so-success movies, Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman has brought the hope to DC fan and moviegoers for the positive future of DC Extended Universe. The movie has done so well that most audiences did not care much about the little wrong things happened like the inappropriate exploitation of slow motion. However, even Wonder Woman was directed by Patty Jenkins, the movie is still influenced by the trend created by Zack Snyder, CGI final fight. Overall, DC fans have had to wait 3 years, after Man of Steel released, to have an excellent movie, Wonder Woman.

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