Adult Scenes, Murder Mystery, Muslim & Third Gender, 'Elite' Is A Series You Are Looking For

Leela Adwani |Apr 08, 2020

Before be hooked on the 3-season series, here are some compelling reasons to prove Elite is one of the best series in your life.

Billions of people are sheltering at home due to the lockdown order from many countries in the wake of the spread of novel Coronavirus. During quarantine, you suddenly have tons of free time in 24 hours and it’s a perfect occasion to what you love. Some choose to read books, some want to draw, sing and cook. However, if you are keen on films, this is the ideal time to binge-watch and a series which is currently all the rage among the audiences is none other than Spanish teen thriller drama Elite.

Elite 8
Poster season 3 of Elite

Before be hooked on the 3-season series, here are some compelling reasons once again proving Elite is one of the best series in your life.

Netflix is, no need for introduction, one of the biggest streaming platform that offers numerous great shows like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Sex Education and the list is endless.

Hot Scenes In Elite
A lot of hot scenes in 3 seasons of the show

It goes without saying that Elite is the hidden gem of Netflix and it’s way too underrated. I have to admit that it is one of the best entertaining shows I have ever seen. If you are in search of a good and none overrated show to watch, Elite gets everything you need: mystery, murder, romance, and even religion.

Even if you are not a fan of Pretty  Liar or Riverdale, I bet you still can’t stop watching Elite.

Protagonist hailing from a working-class family

In a nutshell, Samuel doesn’t come from a wealthy family but gets a scholarship to study at a private school for rich kids as his school collapses. The new school, a new environment forces the 16-year-old boy to step out of his daily life and he later starts mingling with the super-rich and famous kids in Spain.

Samuel is from a working-class family

Initially, he is bullied and cannot get on well with his classmates but quickly develops a romantic bond with rich girl Marina whose personality is a bit complicated, according to my point a view. She both has feelings for both Samuel and his brother Nano whom she later gets pregnant with.

Murder mystery is unlocked after every episode

Even though the film uses a familiar structure to other thrillers that start with a crime interrogation but offer very little information at first, Elite still drives you crazy. More clues are offered and even when we think we can guess who is the murderer, the scriptwriter leaves us stunned with major twists.

Elite Season 3
Every episode is a new clue

Muslim family

The Muslim sister-brother pair Nadia and Omar is also a highlight of the film. Elite is the first teen drama I have watched that a female Muslim plays as a protagonist. Nadia comes from a typical Muslim girl and like Samuel, Nadia is also a newbie at the school where she is forced to do something uneasy like taking off her Hijab at school and starts questioning how Muslim culture is tying her new world.

Elite 2
Muslim girl, Nadia

Meanwhile, her brother, Omar is a gay drug dealer and finds his love in an elite boy Ander. Because of his conservative dad, he has to hide those sides of his life.

It’s not really that dark as still has several humorous moments

One of the greatest things makes Elite become a must-watch drama as it still contains funny scenes. These help the viewers balance between darkness and comedy. Yes, the film doesn’t make you feel intense all the time.

Elite 5
the same-gender romance between a Muslim boy and elite student

What do you think about the Spanish Netflix original series Elite? Let us know in the comment section below!


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