7 Incredibles Easter Eggs Hidden In The BlockBuster "Captain Marvel" You May Missed!

Priyansh Ha |Mar 17, 2019

In case the stunning appearance of Brie Larson make you misty-eyed!

There is no doubt that Brie Larson’s performance in the latest Marvel movie Captain Marvel is stunning. Hitting the theatres early this month, the movie is a connecting bridge between Marvel films which fills in Thanos-sized plot holes and sets up the background for Avengers: End Game. Therefore, there are a lot of details and pieces of information included in the 125-minute movie.


If you were unable to catch up all pieces and hints that the director duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck throw out, it’s understandable. But like many other Marvel films, Captain Marvel is filled with little call-backs and easter eggs. Instead of wasting hours digging into dozens of Reddit's threads, here we are to tell you all you’ve missed about the movie.


1. Cull Obsidian's Mysterious Sash

This detail links back to the first instalment Avengers: Infinity War when Thanos' Black Order is against Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. This scene features Cull Obsidian the order wearing a weird sash with the same design and colours as Captain Marvel's suit. Remember Carol with a little worse outfits in the after-credits scene when she shows up again? What if she gets into a scrap of Thanos' crew? Is that the mysterious sash a part of her uniform Cull keeps as a kind of trophy?


2. Monica and Carol's Matching Outfits

Throwing off her Kree colours (the silver, black and teal), Carol picks up the blue, red and gold for her uniform. She intended to copy Monica's shirt. This is not a random thing at all. According to the comics, Monica, the daughter of Carol’s best friend, will grow up and take over the position of Captain Marvel.


3. Maria’s Call-sign

As many other fighter pilots in the movie, Maria has her own call sign “Photon”. A footage has shown her flying a plane with her call sign printed on it. She is also Carol's best friend aka Monica's mother. Her daughter also uses that name when she grows up and becomes a superhero.


4. The Sandwich Dilemma

In the movie, Nick Fury has shown a unique sign of him to prove that a Skrull doesn't impersonate him. He can’t make it a diagonally cut toast! If you’ve watched Avengers: Age of Ultron enough, you must notify the scene when Fury enters the kitchen, cut a sandwich diagonally and enjoys it. So it means the real Fury was dead and a Skrull has taken over him? Is it or clue or he just gave up his old habit? We can only guess.


5. Never Trust The Cat

It’s Nick Fury again saying "The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye" in Captain America: Winter Soldier. It is not until now we know who he trusted and listed an eye for. It’s none other than Goose the kitty. Fury also talks to him at the beginning of the film, "I'm trusting you not to eat me"!


6.  Goose Swallows The Tesseract

The adorable cat cameo, Goose, turns out to be an intergalactic monster. At the end of the film, he swallows the Tesseract. This scene reminds us of footage in The Avengers when Bruce Banner (The Hulk) talks about the cube: "What does Fury want me to do? Swallow it?".


7. A Special Cameo

If you’re observant enough, you might notice a red-head lady who is a cameo in the subway scene. She is none other than the writer and creator of Captain Marvel - Kelly Sue DeConnick.


8. Captain Marvel

Just like no one call DC's Wonder Woman by her name, we’ve never heard anyone call Carol - Captain Marvel. She is "Vers” in the beginning and then Carol. There is only one time when Fury teases her as Marvel like the Marvelettes. No one else calls her by the whole name "Captain Marvel".

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