5 Times "Spider-man" Tom Holland And Zendaya Dropped Hints About Their Brewing Romance

Bindhiya Nhi |May 14, 2019

Tom Holland and Zendaya shut down rumors that they are having a romance, but these subtle signs just prove the opposite.

Tom Holland and Zendaya sparked rumors that they are in love while they were doing promotional activities for their movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. Though both stars shut down reports of their hush-hush relationship, Marvel's fans still cannot help but ship them hard as they always drop us their love hints now and then.

Let's scroll down for proofs that Tom and Zendaya are definitely "more than friends".

Tom Holland And Zendaya
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

How Tom Tagged Zendaya In This Photo In A Very NSFW Way

In an Instagram photo of Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and himself, our Spiderman actor somehow managed to tag Zendaya in a very NSFW place. He tagged her name right on his crotch, and this might be the most iconic Instagram love hints of all time!

Everyone started freaking out, and Zendaya had to call out by leaving a comment below the post.

Screenshot 172

Tom then changed the tag location from his private place to Zendaya's eyes, but well, he could not fool us once again. We know that they were undoubtedly having a fishy moment there!

They Spent Way Too Much Time Together For Being Called "Normal Friends"

The first time that we got proofs of their hanging out was when Tom took to Instagram and uploaded this photo of the two plus another friend having some pool time.

Moreover, Tom and Zendaya have been to countless events through years together, from MTV Movie Awards to Comic-Con. Though that might be part of their promotional activities, no one could deny the flaming chemistry between them.

Zendaya And Tom Holland Attending The Spider Man H
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According to a source from People, Tom and Zendaya even went on vacations together for several times. The source revealed that the couple started dating while filming Spider-Man, but they have always been super careful to keep it low-key.

Tom Holland And Zendaya Attend The Marvel Studios
Source: Albert L.Ortega/GettyImages

However, Zendaya immediately shut down the rumors by posting a sarcastic tweet and she even tagged Tom as her witness. Check out her tweet below:

Tom later had a funny reply, asking whether or not the press tour could be count.

Zendaya Has Always Kept Her Personal Life And Relationship Under The Wraps

Zendaya revealed to Vogue that she was in a secret relationship with an unnamed boyfriend from 2012 to 2016 and everyone was completely unaware. Rumor has it that the mentioned guy was Trevor Jackson, but the real identity of Zendaya's lover has never been revealed up till now.

Tom Holland And Zendaya Speak Onstage Together
Source: Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Kudos to Zendaya for being able to keep a secret like that for so long, but on the other hand, it might be possible that she is doing the same thing this time. Yes, we mean that she might keep her relationship with Tom out of public eyes once again just like what she had done in the past.

Tom Even Has Dinner With Zendaya's Parents

Tom once again gave us a clue that he and Zendaya might actually be a thing after his meeting with her parents. According to sources, Tom had dinner with his rumored girlfriend's family on December 9 in a restaurant, and he eventually ended up winning their hearts.

Tom Holland And Zendaya Are Seen On The Streets
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Meeting your love's parents is a big step, but Tom even got approval from her parents, now it will be challenging to believe that they are not dating!

They Love To Shower Their Partner With Heartfelt Words

Tom and Zendaya have that great need to shower each other with their sweetest messages. Tom called her "a queen" in one of his Instagram post, then later decided to leave a heart emoji at the end of his caption in another post which was dedicated to the birthday girl Zendaya.

Zendaya also created buzz when she called Tom "the very best" or "my favorite people".

Now with all these pieces of evidence, it is possible for us to believe that Tom and Zendaya are our latest Hollywood "one true pairing"? Let's just hope that we will get good news from the lovebirds soon.


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