3 Actors Who Made Enormous Sacrifice For The Role of Joker

Alia Thao |Oct 07, 2019

The actors who played Joker are really serious in their careers. To transform into this metamorphosis villain, they had to barter with their health, time and loneliness.

Over the past 10 years, the actors who have played Joker on the big screen have made many efforts to fulfil this character, which is hard to express psychology, personality, and behaviour.

In other words, Joker can also be the most difficult role in each artist's life that the actors have made a lot of effort to express the character compared to the original comic.

Moreover, the performance of the previous Joker is also pressure on the next one.

Heath Ledger

The actor had stayed alone in the hotel for a month in order to prepare for the role in The Dark Knight (2016). During that time, Heath Ledger practiced the voice, laughter, personality and even loneliness of the character. The actor also wrote every idea and emotion of the Joker in his diary as support for filming.Webp Net Resizeimage 1

Due to his careful preparation, the actor deeply transformed into the character, which has made the audience praise Ledger's Joker.

With the successful incarnation, he had won an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor. However, the actor was so into the character that he became depressed and committed suicide.

Jared Leto

In the movie Suicide Squad, Jared Leto had made a lot of attempts to express the chaos in the role's personality. He spent a lot of time talking to psychologists and psychopaths to prepare for the role.

The actor even sent "Joker gifts" to his partner during filming such as the dead mouse to Margot Robbie (as Harley Quinn) or brought a dead pig to each rehearsal.

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Leto stated that it helped him to start the emotional journey for the role and consider that his co-stars were the characters they played on the film right from the rehearsals.

Joaquin Phoenix

For Joaquin Phoenix (Joker - 2019), the first thing he needed to do was losing weight as directed by the director. He needs to see a nutritionist to receive advice on safe weight loss so as not to harm him physically and mentally. During the time playing the role, Phoenix lost a total of 23kg.

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The actor shared that although director Todd Phillips required weight loss but often brought food to the studio, which made it harder for Phoenix to lose weight. Moreover, he also read books about politically motivated murders and studied videos of people suffering from laughter-obsessed diseases.

Thanks to the incarnation of the actors, the Joker character has become a legend on the big screen. The relentless efforts to complete the role of psychopath and murder character in the film deserve applause and praise. From Heath Ledger to Joaquin Phoenix, the prestigious film awards are the most powerful testament to their talent as Joker.


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