20 All-Time Shocking Truths About The Kardashian-Jenner Family

Maanyata Thu |Mar 24, 2019

Below are 20 shocking truths about the Kardashian-Jenner family.


The Kardashian-Jenner family has always been the subject of controversies from Kim’s sex tape to Tristan's cheating scandals.

Below are 20 shocking truths about the Kardashian-Jenner family.

2007: Kim's Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape 1529512301

In 2002, Kim made one sex tape with Ray J, her one-time boyfriend. In March 2007, the sex tape was released by porn company Vivid Entertainment as Kim Kardashian Superstar. TMZ reported that the video had attracted more than 200 million times.

2011: Kim's 72-Day Marriage

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries 1529510136

Kim started dating Kris Humphries in 2010, and the two got engaged in May 2011 and married in August. However, Kim filed for divorce on 31st October, after just 72 days of marriage.

2014: Khloé's Headdress

Native American Council strongly criticized Khloé for wearing this “insensitive” headdress to North West’s Kidchella birthday party.

2015: Kylie's Wheelchair Shoot

Kylie Jenner Wheelchair 1529515345

Kylie posed in a wheelchair for Interview magazine. Many people found it shocking and took to Twitter to slam her for using the handicap device as a prop for the shoot.

2015: Rob's Gone Girl Instagram

Gone Girl 1529514464

Rob posted a photo of Amy from Gone Girl—a character who fakes her death and frames her husband for murder, and captioned, "This is my sister Kim, the b**ch from Gone Girl..."

2015: Kylie and Vlada Haggerty

Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty accused Kylie of copying her designs for some of the Lip Kit advertising.

2015: Kylie's Lip Fillers

Kylie Jenner Lips 1529512869

Kylie admitted that she had tried "temporary" lip fillers, and in 2016, she opened up about the painful procedure.

2016: Kendall's Ballerina Shoot

Kendall featured in a video for Spanish Vogue, dancing and spinning around, dressed in ballet-inspired outfits. However, this video was strongly criticized by professional ballerinas for lack of technique.

2016: #KimExposedTaylorParty

Kimexposedtaylor 1529511711

Taylor Swift claimed she didn't give Kanye approval for the Famous lyrics, and Kim took to Snapchat to try to expose Taylor by posting a call between her husband and Taylor discussing his song Famous.

2016: Kylie's Copied Coachella Outfit

Designer Brit Day accused Kylie of taking her "inspiration" without permission after seeing this photo

2017: Kendall's Pepsi Ad

Kendall Pepsi 1529510136

Kendall caused controversy by starring in an ill-advised ad for Pepsi amidst widespread national protests against police shootings and police violence.

2017: Kylie's Camo

PluggedNYC accused Kylie of blatantly copying camouflage designs right after she had released her new line of camo attire.

2017: Kendall and Kylie's Biggie Shirts

The sisters released their new T-shirt line featuring their faces superimposed over images of deceased rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G, immediately causing an uproar on the Internet.

2017: Kim's Blackface Allegations

Kim posted a photo of herself to promote her KKW beauty line; however, many Twitter users had alleged that her skin in the picture seemed to be darker than usual to the degree that she was supposedly wearing blackface.

2017: Kim's Aaliyah Halloween Costume

Kim’s Halloween costume drew criticism because it involved Kim, who is not black, dressing up like a black woman.

2017: Kendall's Fyre Festival Promotion


Kendall received numerous criticism for promoting Fyre Festival, a disastrous music festival that was meant to be ultra-luxurious but turned out to be like a "Hunger Games" scenario where attendees had to stay in the tents and eat packed food.

2018: Kim's "Bo Derek" Braids

Kim wore Fulani braids in January and called them "Bo Derek" braids, which, did not go over well because she's wrong.

2018: Kendall's Modeling Comments

Kendall Jenner Walks The Runway At The Versace Rea

Kendall told Love magazine that she was "super selective" about the runways she walks and "was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever those girls do." Other models hadn't taken it very well and slammed Kylie for such a comment.

2019: Khloé's Cheating Boyfriend

Rich Paul Simon Tristan Thompson Khloe Kardashian

TMZ caused a stir that Jordyn Woods and Tristan were "all over each other...making out" at a house party. Khloé reportedly broke up with him right after she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with Kylie’s best friend.

2019: Kendall's Disappointing Announcement


Kris got the Internet all riled up by affirming that Kendall was going to share some big news, but it turned out to be her endorsement deal with an acne medication brand Proactiv. The two later faced countless criticism from social media users.


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