You Can Learn From Anyone: Kajal Aggarwal Gives Us 7 Great Fashion Lessons

Kimmy Karima |Aug 31, 2019

Although Kajal Aggarwal is an actress, she has a fashion sense as great as any models or fashionistas. That’s why you can learn a lot of fashion tips just by following her Instagram account.

We can get a lot of how-to-dress-well lessons from celebrities. And surprisingly, some best lessons we’ve got are not necessarily from fashion professionals. Let’s take a look around the social networks.

Chances are you find more style tips from that outside of the fashion field, like singers and actresses, than from catwalk models or designers.

Here, Kajal Aggarwal is obviously a good example.

Kajal Aggarwal
Kajal’s style never disappoints.

Kajal has a well-established career in the Tamil and Telugu film industries and has got several nominations as well as box office hits. Her lead role in the historical film Magadheera (2009) also helped her earn so many favourable reviews from critics, which made her more well-known as a serious actress.

From then on, she has been working non-stop and has stared in many good films like Mr Perfect (2011), Singham (2011), Special 26 (2013), Vivegam (2017), among others. But it doesn’t mean that Kajal has no time for anything else.

In fact, she seems to be interested in fashion too, because she frequently posts eye-catching photos of herself in beautiful outfits on Instagram. Not really a catwalk model, but Kajal has a lovely face and healthy body, as well as smart choices, so all her photos are exceptionally stunning.

Below are some photos from Kajal’s Instagram, each of which can indeed give us a style tip, if not a lesson.

How to choose a plain white dress

Kajal Aggarwal

You can always wear a simple white dress but still look attractive, if you choose one with some special details, like the cut-outs in the chest area. Kajal wore that dress to the pool but you can even wear it to a party!

How to wear polka dot items

Kajal Aggarwal

Most women like tiny polka dots but Kajal went bold and wore a long dress with BIG ones. So the dots here made her both feminine and strong at the same time. Which is clearly remarkable!

How to wear a plaid skirt to work?

Kajal Aggarwal

If you think you can only look formal and classy with a black skirt, think again. Kajal created such an elegant look with a plaid tight skirt and a sky blue shirt. Quite a simple look but we just can’t take our eyes off her.

How to wear a crop-top without showing too much skin

Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal shined in this outfit. She matched her crop-top with the high waisted pants of the same colour, which created a sexy look without revealing too much. You see, Kajal is a smart lady!

What to do with a super short tank

Kajal Aggarwal

If you have a tank bra or a sexy top that looks like a bra, you can also put it on with high-waisted pants. Of course, pants with an edgy waistband like Kajal’s are highly recommended.

How to look like a senorita

Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal seemed to be so proud in that floral tight dress. And she should be because she did exude senorita vibes, as she wrote it herself. If you pick a dress like that, go for one with not so many colours, like Kajal’s, so it won’t be a colour overload. Try to find a nice hair scarf too, you see how Kajal looked gorgeous with one?

How to wear off-the-shoulder dresses

Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal’s pink dress made her look like a beautiful flower and it was, even more, bewitching with those little floral details. Remember that if you buy an off-the-shoulder dress, one with too many decorations shouldn’t be your choice.

Because you want the attention on your shoulders, not on the overwhelming details. Like Kajal in the photo, all eyes must be on her bare shoulders and her captivating body, right?


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