Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Secrets Behind The Chiseled Body Of Varun Dhawan

Nalini Suri |Jul 30, 2019

Varun Dhawan’s hot body makes it a source of inspiration for the next name in Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body. Together with us discover his secrets behind.

Varun Dhawan's toned physique and washboard abs have shined his name in Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body. The actor has stolen millions of girl’s hearts through his debut in the movie Student of the Year and now becomes a Bollywood sensation.

Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Varun Dhawan

Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Varun Dhawan
Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Varun Dhawan

A killing look combines with his mischievous smile, sounding enough for all the girls to die for. But not just that, he rules a perfectly sculpted body, which makes him a candy crush for every woman. Let’s open his box of tips and explore one by one!

Varun Dhawan

Tip 1: Fitness on top

During his school days, Varun practiced as an athlete requesting him to focus on stamina to develop it. Actually, he strongly believes that involving in any kind of sports is the greatest discipline for a healthy mind and body.

Varun shared:


Varun Dhawan
Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Varun Dhawan

Tip 2: Remember to warm-up

To keep up the reel of hard workouts, we all need a warm-up exercise of 10-15 minutes such as jogging, slight running, jumping or stretching routines. So does Varun as he claimed:


Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: Varun Dhawan

Tip 3: Workout combination

Like many other celebrities’ workout regimes, Varun has his trainer mixed various exercises from martial arts to heavy-duty cardio to dismiss any bored feelings. Weightlifting improves his body tone and bulks up anytime his character requires while yoga is wonderful for holistic development.

In an interview, he said:


Varun Dhawan

Tip 4: Listen to your body

This sounds strange but really important to understand your body and do the best for it instead of harm. Therefore, Varun is sure that if any injuries take on your body, you need to give a certain time to it for healing.

Sharing with Filmfare, he suggested:


Varun Dhawan

Tip 5: Take a healthy diet


Originating from a family with diabetes history, Varun confirms that he hasn’t compounded on food ever. There is no high-salt, high-sugar or oily food on his list, besides, he also says 'No' to carbs at night.

Varun Dhawan

Tip 6: Maintain workouts regime

Keeping yourself motivated to regularly exercise isn't easy, so Varun will show you his way. That is charging motivation from his trainer Prashant who is also the trainer for Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn.

He once said in an interview:


With a hard workout regime and severe diet, it isn't strange when seeing Varun Dhawan's name on the list of Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body. This article surely encourages you to gear up and learn something from the hot actor to swear a hotter and healthier body with each passing day!


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