Top 30 Bollywood Hottest Body: How To Stay In Tip-Top Shape Like Priyanka Chopra

Mina Muzumdar |Aug 02, 2019

The diet secret and exercise routine of superstar Priyanka Chopra: "I don't listen to my body, my body listens to me."

In 2000, when Priyanka Chopra was given the prestigious title Miss World at the age of 17,  she has never ever ceased to amaze her fans and supporter since then.

From a Bollywood superstar, she carved her own path in Hollywood to achieved the adulation of a billion people with her charisma and talent.

Nowadays, Priyanka Chopra is not only the proud of India but also the source of inspiration for million young women all around the world.

And surely, everywhere she goes, the former beauty will impress people with her breathtaking beauty. So what lies behind the enduring appeal of Priyanka Chopra and what is her secret to her timeless charm?

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Moreover, people would surprise if they know that Priyanka Chopra always does the stunt-heavy character by herself.


the star told Women's Health in an interview.

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However, Priyanka Chopra admitted she has a very realistic view about diet and workout for her stunning look. Surprisingly, the star refuses to diet as well as admitting she is not a gym-freak. Here, Priyanka Chopra unveils her secret to stay in tip-top shape. Scroll down to know more.

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"I don't have a diet"

Like her statement "I don't listen to my body, my body listens to me", the 37-year-old actress confided she doesn't really have a diet plan for herself as she has been blessed with a brilliant metabolism. But Priyanka also revealed that she often divides her meal to small portions and eats every 2-3 hours.

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 "You don't have to starve yourself"

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Besides healthy food that contains high-fiber and complex carbs such as fruits and vegetable, whole grains... Priyanka also includes her favorite food at the weekend like tandoori, chocolate or even pizza.

Drinking juices and adequate water every day


 The Sky Is Pink actress told Times of India.

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She workout regularly

Though Priyanka Chopra said she is not gym-freak but the former beauty does maintain a regular training exercise to keep a toned body. And each her workouts session normally take about an hour, further added:


Priyanka Gym

Still, the Quantico actor admits she surely doesn't like gym, saying:


Last but not least, Priyanka Chopra let slip her favorite workout is a yoga class or spin class, and treadmill sprints, which help the actress to have a "relax and refresh" mind and body.

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