Priyanka Chopra And Janhvi Kapoor Effective Homemade Beauty Secrets For A Flawless Skin

Advika Hue |May 28, 2019

If you’re looking for natural skin care methods that actually work, here’s the article for you. Check out the beauty secrets from 5 Bollywood actresses.

The top beauties of the Bollywood always look stunning with the flawless skin in front of the cameras or whenever they make an appearance in public. Sometimes it takes lots of effort and backstage work for their skin to look perfect, but sometimes it just takes a few simple steps that even you can do at home.

These are a few homemade beauty secrets from 5 top Bollywood actresses, check it out if you are looking for healthy skincare methods!

Priyanka Chopra Janhvi Kapoor At Facebooks Socialf
 Beauty secrets from our Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra and Janhvi Kapoor (Source: Viral Bhayani)

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is not only a top actress of Bollywood but she’s also gaining big success with her global projects. Priyanka has become recognized in Hollywood and made several appearances on television in the U.S. The actress is famous for her flawlessly smooth skin, which caught everyone’s eyes every time she shows up, and she’s always willing to share some of her DIY beauty secrets.

In an interview at 2018 Met Gala, PeeCee has shared that she always uses sheet masks before applying makeup so her skin will be smooth and moisturized and the makeup layers would never get cakey. One of her favorite face masks is the traditional ubtan face pack.

Jacqueline Fernandez

The ultimate beauty secret of actress Jacqueline Fernandez is using non-chemical products only. She usually makes home-made face masks with honey and yogurt and uses honey like a kind of lip balm. Moreover, the actress also uses ice cubes wrapped in thin cloth or tissues and rub them on her eyes and cheeks.


The talented actress Tabu, who appears on several massive films like Drishyam, Chandni Bar, and the latest one AndhaDhu, has always been appreciated for her excellent acting skills as well as her timeless beauty. Tabu often shares about her favorite face scrub she used as a moisturizer,

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Janhvi Kapoor

Hair care is as important as skin care, and Janhvi Kapoor is the one who knows it better than anyone. Janhvi once talked about her mother and how she made the beauty products for her.

Talking with Vogue India, Janhvi Kapoor has shared that her mother often makes hair oil and facial masks for her using her own formula. “Mom was very into it. She had these secret tips and formulas that maintain good skin and good hair. She would make our hair oil at home with dried flowers and amla and she’d make sure to give me and Khushi an oil massage every 3 days,” she said.

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit, the golden woman of Bollywood, is still considered one of the timeless beauties of India. And one of her secrets is to use the ingredients that can be found right in the kitchen. During an interview with Vogue India, Madhuri Dixit said,

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