Bid Adieu To Bra With Scarf Tube Top – Latest Fashion Trend Is Taking The World By Storm This Summer

Leela Adwani |Jun 01, 2020

Take a look at some pictures of girls around the world wearing a scarf tube top.

Turning an old scarf into a sexy tube top or simply wearing scarf tube top is not a new concept to the fashionholics community.  However, this trend is back with a bang this summer.

Scarf Tube Top Bella Hadid
Supermodel Bella Hadid is also a big fan of the scarf tube top

Yes, on a hot summer day, if you cannot immerse themselves into the cold water, especially amidst the lockdown when we are unable to have a beach vacation, then putting on the tube top is an easy way to beat the heat.  Yes, this kind of cloth makes it easy to help you soak up the sun as long as you can protect yourself from UV radiation.

Scarf Tube Top 1
There are more than one way to transform your scarf into a strapless top

A scarf is by far one of the best accessories for many stylish girls and you can rock one any time during the year and in many different ways. However, thanks to a recent surge of the fashion trend, now your go-to scarf can turn out to your go-to shirt. Wearing a scarf tube top is not only way too comfortable but also chic and trendy.

If you think putting the scarf into your hair or over the face is too boring, then it’s time to make a remix for your wardrobe. It’s not wrong to say a scarf tube top will be like a breath of fresh air into your daily look. Yes, they also make you look more adorable and there is no secret that every girl wants to look so great and fresh in summer and of course, stand out in the crowd.

Take a look at some pictures of girls around the world wearing a scarf tube top.

Scarf Tube Top 2
How it looks like from the back
Scarf Tube Top 3
Girl squads are freaking out with this trend
Scarf Tube Top 4
It's time to make heads turn
Scarf Tube Top 5
Asian girl (IG: katr_)
Scarf Tube Top 7
Easy tip to make you sexier

How to transform a scarf into a tube top.

Yes, it’s not that hard as you think. With some quick and easy do-it-yourself steps, you immediately have a new shirt that is bound to make you more fashionable.

Scarf Tube Top DIY
Transforming a scarf into a tube top is not that hard

The first step is to fold your square scarf into half and form a triangle, then try to tie it around the waist. You need to make sure you tie your scarf tight enough to make you feel comfortable while wearing it. Yes, wearing a scarf tube top is a perfect chance to bid adieu to bra as everything is now covered. Summer is time to let loose, girls!

For those unversed, the best part of this painless and simple process is that it contains less than three steps and takes you a few minutes to have a sexy and trendy tube top for your summer look.

Check out the video below:

One more tip to make you look more stylish is to mix your old-but-new scarf tube top with high waisted jeans and pair up with sunglasses or a brimmed hat.

It’s time to flaunt your naked shoulder and make your summer greater again!


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