Real Madrid Star Luka Jovic Faces Jail After Breaking Quarantine Time To See Hot Girlfriend Sofija Milosevic

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 25, 2020

If your girlfriend is as hot as Sofija Milosevic, will you dare to go to jail for her? Here are more sizzling photos of  Luka Jovic's girlfriend to explain!

After a Real Madrid basketball player tested positive to coronavirus, the whole team including the football player was in quarantine. However, 22-year-old striker Luka Jovic made headlines for breaking his quarantine and taking a private jet to  Serbia to meet girlfriend Sofija Milosevic and his son.

Luka Jovic Faces Jail
Luka Jovic faces jail took a private jet to meet his girlfriend during coronavirus outbreak

Last week, the pair was seen together in Belgrade, Serbia on Milosevic’s birthday. According to the Real Madrid player, he wasn’t fully informed of the situation while making his decision. Jovic said that he wanted to stay beside his family and it was approved by the club. He tested negative twice both in Spain and in Serbia. 

 “I apologize to everyone if I have endangered them in some way and I hope that together we can manage to overcome all this,” wrote the Real Madrid player. 

Sofija Milosevic Hot 7
Sofija Milosevic is a Serbian fashion model who works for prominent fashion designers and brands

Jovic’s reckless act has gained criticism from top politicians of Serbia. While PM Ana Brnabic mentioned him as a ‘negative example’, President Aleksandar Vucic revealed that Jovic could risk jail time and was under investigation. In response to the act of his son, Jovic’s father Milan also agreed with the prime minister and president’s points.

Sofija Milosevic Hot 5
The 30-year-old fashion model is a real stunner

Earlier, like many other countries, Serbia enacted the policy on ‘14-day self-quarantine’ to anyone who travels from Iran, Switzerland, Romania,  Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Greece and Slovenia. By Wednesday, the number of coronavirus positive cases in Serbia is 303. 

Sofija Milosevic Hot 3
That perfect curves can sweep every man off their knees!

Sofija Milosevic hot and sexy photos

If your girlfriend is as hot as Sofija Milosevic, will you dare to go to jail for her? Here are more hot photos of Sofija Milosevic to explain!

Sofija Milosevic Hot 4

Sofija Milosevic Hot 6

Sofija Milosevic Hot 10

Sofija Milosevic Hot 11

Sofija Milosevic Hot 9

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