Nora, Mouni, Hina Khan Scatter Their Sweetness Over Instagram In Different Shades Of Pink

Leela Adwani |Dec 21, 2020

While most of us get decked up in red, green, and white tones as a way to soak up the X-mas vibes, some divas opt for pink shade to showcase their sweetness.

Christmas is around the corner and the festive atmosphere is in the air. Everyone has their own way of celebrating the festival. While most of us get decked up in red, green, and white tones as a way to soak up the X-mas vibes, some divas opt for pink shade to showcase their sweetness. They are none other than the most-loved television stars Mouni Roy, Nora Fatehi, and Hina Khan.

Pink Shades Mouni Nora Hina
Mouni Roy - Nora Fatehi - Hina Khan

Despite the differences in their style or the way they mix and match their clothes when it comes to the pink shade, all of them have never failed to stun us. They are now the established stars in their own fields but the ever-stylish fashionista in the eyes of millions of fans. Every picture they share on social media usually takes no time to go viral because of their gorgeousness.

Mouni Roy

Besides being touted as a bombshell of the telly world, Mouni Roy is also known to be an ever-stylish actress. She has never ceased to inspire us with her fashion statements.

Mouni Roy
On-point makeup as usual

Roy recently re-decorate her Instagram grid with a sweet pink shade when sharing a set of pictures showing her wearing a pink ensemble.

Mouni Roy 2
The picture gives men go weak at the knees

It’s not far off the mark to say the whole Internet is obsessed with this girly but not less sexy look of the actress. Within a short span of time, three posts of pictures get more than one million likes.

Mouni Roy 3
The outfit helps the actress flaunt her sexy curves

Needless to say, the pictures drove netizens crazy but this time around the actress has a very special admirer. The senior TV actress is also impressed by her beauty in this set of photos.

Mouni Roy 4
The Internet is obsessed with this look

Nora Fatehi

Another big fan of pink shade has to call out the name of celebrity dance Nora Fatehi. Also known to be a fashionista in showbiz, Fatehi has never disappointed her fans with her choice of outfit.

This time around is no exception. Appearing with a pink outfit, Nora looked nothing short of a princess walking out from your favorite childhood fairy tale.

Nora Fatehi
Nora channels her princess inner

Wearing an off-shoulder pastel pink gown, curly hair, and silver high heels, the post quickly receives more than 1.7 million likes just after one day.

In the second post, the dive gave her fans a close-up look. Choosing subtle but on-point makeup, she can be seen putting on nude-colored lipstick and matching earrings.

Nora Fatehi 2
She calls herself a dreamer

The gown helped her flaunt her sexy collarbone. In the caption section, she defined herself as “a certified dreamer.” Yes, it would not be an overstatement to say she is the muse in the heart of many people.

Hina Khan

Considered a television sensation, Hina Khan is one of the biggest divas in the TV industry. When it comes to fashion, Hina is also a force to be reckoned with.

Hina Khan
Hina Khan looks stunning with a traditional look

Hina who attended Cannes 2019 red carpet is admired by people from all quarters for her excellent acting chops. When off camera, she is loved for her fashion sense.

Hina Khan 2
She looks stunning in the pink shade

Also choosing a pink outfit but Hina Khan gave off a traditional vibe as she could be seen wearing a lehenga. Wearing the same color for her lipstick, the actress also put on transparent matching glasses.

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