Esha Gupta Makes Sure To Maintain Her Tiptop Body With Home Workout Session

Salena Harshini |Apr 13, 2020

Esha Gupta is leaving no stones unturned in keeping a fit and hot body even during the quarantine period.

Actress Esha Gupta is a fitness enthusiast and it is a known fact to many. She does not believe in skipping her gym session even for one day and she has taken her passion to a higher level. Recently, Esha Gupta workout post again stirred up the fan community.

Esha Gupta1
Esha Gupta workout passion is a fact known to every fan

The former Miss India follows strict diet and fitness regimes to be in shape. Giving major fitness motivation to fans, she shared a couple of pictures to her Instagram account. As almost all of us are in quarantine, she has chosen yoga instead of the gym this time.

Esha 2
She chooses yoga while staying at home
This proves how flexible she is

The top talented and gorgeous actress has carved a niche for her name with power-packed roles in Rustom, Raaz 3, Jannat 2 and more. To keep her body in a tip-top shape, she swears by boxing and Pilates.

Esha 3

Esha 5
She gives major gym motivation to fans

Esha Gupta workout passion is ardent and she always wants to make sure to own a proper figure for her film character. Especially because she usually showcases a fierce role, working out is mandatory to the starlet.

For One Day shooting, a close source reveals that she spends two hours working out on a daily basis to keep an ideal physique. The One Day producers even had to recreate an on-set gym for the actress so that she would not miss her gym session.

Esha 6
The actress is totally determined with keeping fit

With such a fiery determination for gym, it is no doubt that she has the most enviable body of the industry. Esha Gupta surely burns all eyes with her curvaceous and healthy bod.

Esha Gupta

All the effort proves why she can maintain this hot body

If you are looking for a workout inspiration, then Esha Gupta workout freak is the one.


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