Disha Patani Nailing A One-Hand Cartwheel Is Your New Fitness Goal, See Video!

Priyansh Ha |Jun 28, 2019

After ending the relationship which has never been official with Tiger Shroff, it seems like Disha Patani has promptly bounced back to fitness nailing a perfect cartwheel which takes the Internet by storm.

There is no secret that the Bharat actress Disha Patani has a huge passion for fitness which also keeps her body healthy and in shape. In fact, the actress usually takes to her social media photos and videos of her fitness gym which excites and inspires fans to hit the gym.

Source: Maxim

Recently, Disha Patani once again proves that she is definitely out fitness goals with a mind-blowing video of her nailing a one-hand cartwheel with the support of her PT Nadeem Akhtar. Check out her video here:

A Perfect Cartwheel For Beginners

While the actress nails the move effortlessly, it could be quite a challenge to beginners. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Before getting started, here are some tips and rules you need to know for doing a cartwheel perfectly. 

Cartwheel moves require you to have a strong upper body especially your shoulders which stand the pressure of your whole body when you’re upside down. Test it first with handstands. If it seems to be easy, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, keep working on your upper parts until you’re strong enough to make it. Focus on push up but don’t forget legs exercises to keep it straight in the air while doing a cartwheel.

Performing A Basic Cartwheel Steps By Steps

The key to performing a perfect cartwheel is to use momentum to suspend your body upside down for a second before landing on your feet. Another rule is to move in a short but straight line, it means all your hands and legs have to be on the same line. Here are the steps in details:

Step 1: Raise your non-dominant hand and place it on the ground.

Step 2: Kick your legs and move your whole lower body to form a V-shape in the air. Make sure that both of your legs are straight. 

Step 3: Move your legs down forward one by one for a smooth landing then lift your body up straight.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to your very first basic cartwheel. Once you’ve mastered the moves, try with some advanced version like double cartwheels or one-hand cartwheel just like Disha Patani.


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