Mustache Trend: From Ranveer Singh To Shahid Kapoor, Bollywood Leading Man Can’t Resist This Style

Kanchana Ngan |May 01, 2019

Some may still disapprove of mustache, yet many people say to find an attraction that can't be resisted from it. Bollywood stars currently follow the trend.

When mentioning mustache, some may associate with the image of hulk, dark and angry males. Maybe it's true in the past. However, these days mustache stands to be the symbol of attractive men for many people. It shows off his strength, maturity and ultimate charm that anyone hardly can resist.

Thanks to those attractions, it is making a significant revival in Bollywood as numerous stars have been trying this style, from Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor to Shahid KapoorAyushmann KhurranaJohn AbrahamSaqib Saleem, and Sikander Kher.

Kartik Aaryan and many other actors show off ultimate charm in moustache.
Kartik Aaryan and many other actors show off ultimate charm in a mustache. (Source: Instagram)

So what's the reason for its popularity?

Actually, in these modern days, there're times when people prefer returning to old fashion or rusticity. This style from the 70s-80s has been seen again, because "it is about real men and real stories being portrayed on celluloid as opposed to glossy make-believe," shares designer Nachiket Barve. It's not just a personal choice, but appearing to shine out your characters. No wonder it's called an "alpha-male thing" by many, including designer Anand Bhushan.

Sporting mustache for his role in ZEE5’s show Rangbaaz, actor Saqib Saleem finds it interesting to take a risk. He even calls it a "refreshing change" which can help your figures of masculinity outstanding.

Unlike beards which are quite outdated and make you aged, mustaches bring about a touch of sophistication to your appearance. Because it's much neater and cleaner, a man can look cultured yet gentleman-like and fashionable at the same time.

The trend is gaining high popularity indeed; however, there're absolute basics to follow should you wish to own a perfect mustache. All fashion experts agree that mustaches require lots of effort to look after. First of all, you have to make sure if it suits you or not. Don't merely try to follow the trend without any concern about the mix-and-match level. Then be subtle in choosing the style and groom regularly to keep it in an arranged form.

There're also some other aspects to avoid when growing one - for example, wearing too much jewelry because your mustache can be considered a stylish piece of accessory already. Colorful costumes are also unadvised unless you want to turn yourself into a clown, according to stylist Mohit Rai.


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