Top 10 Hottest Bollywood Actresses In Gowns – How To Style A Dramatic Look Like Celebrities (P1)

Leela Adwani |Jul 02, 2020

One thing that still remains common between the past and the present is the love of fashion. See best pictures of Bollywood actresses in gowns

Gone by the day when Indian women’s image sticks to traditional outfits. Instead, Indian women bid adieu to the day they had to wear sarees or lehenga when they wanted to make a fashion statement. Of course, nobody can erase the importance of saree when it comes to the occasion wear. However, we cannot ignore the fact that women, especially Bollywood stars, nowadays are no stranger to western gowns. Bollywood actresses in gowns turn out to be a new but not new image in the eyes of the public.

Bollywood actresses in gowns

It goes without saying that Bollywood is always packed with glitz and glamour. What to wear becomes the top priority of celebrities as their life has been on the radar of the paparazzi. Unless they want to become the target of the Internet troll, they should be on top of their style whenever they step of their house.

Especially, on special occasions like awards shows which gather a lot of media people, how they look is relatively important. The media always follow them and standing out in the crowd is obviously a must. Every year, Bollywood has the debut of a lot of young and talented newcomers and there are a lot of changes through the years in the film industry. However, one thing that still remains common between the past and the present is the love of fashion.

We have rounded up a gallery of hottest Bollywood actresses in gowns pictures.

Who is called the sexy icon of India?

10 – Disha Patani

Touted as the sexy icon of B-town, Disha always scores high in our fashion meter. Not only does she usually make headlines for her fiery body while donning sexy bikini but also fancy but not less charming gowns.

Pictures below are hands down proof.

Disha attends an award show
flawless beauty
She looks mesmerizing

It’s not hard to notice that Disha loves wearing off-shoulder and body-hugging gowns that perfectly flaunts her curves. Yes, she has a body to die for and everyone knows about it as she knows how to make the most of her outfits. Disha deserves to be called one of the sexiest Bollywood actresses in gowns.

9 – Janhvi Kapoor

As a new kid on the block, Janhvi Kapoor has quickly established her position in the film industry with her acting chops. Not just this she also manages to give others a run for their money when it comes to fashion style. Doesn’t follow an extremely sexy style like her senior Disha Patani, Janhvi can be seen in a more fresh, energetic, and but not less sexy style.

Bollywood princess

It’s not far off the mark to say her dreamy look in this all-white ensemble can make men go weak at their knees. Raise your hand if you agree that Janhvi is a must in the Bollywood actresses in gowns list.

Red gown
She shines like a star

Janhvi also channels her princess inner while donning this gown. Yes, she looks nothing short of mesmerizing. The starlet is not only the princess in the heart of his father but also the public.

8 – Ananya Panday

The list of Bollywood actresses in gowns cannot complete without mentioning the newly debuted actress Ananya Panday.

Ananya turns heads with this outfit
Ananya's outfit at Filmfare awards show
OMG! She looks hot
Is She National Crush?

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The 21-year-old star may be just a few film olds but has already left a mark with her top-notch style statements. The Student Of The Year 2 actress doesn’t shy away from trying new looks and of course, always slaying them all. Before making Bollywood debut, she was a celebrity kid already. Having the B-town genes has made Ananya a pro when it comes to raising the style as well as hotness quotient.

7 – Malaika Arora

Praised as a fashionista of the entertainment industry. It’s safe to say Malaika is a beautiful, bold, and drool-worthy trendsetter. She is a must in the list of Bollywood actresses in gowns.

She is a fashionista of B-town

At the age of 46, Malaika sets the ultimate example of “age is just a number.” She is mainly known for the impeccably flawless sartorial sense. Be an off-shoulder gown or a figure-hugging one, Malaika always kills it with her choice of outfit and she is an indispensable part of Bollywood actresses in gowns list.

Much younger than her age

She is sultry beyond words in extremely ravishing gowns.

6 – Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is called the queen of the red carpet and it’s not an overstatement. Given how her fashion sense, it has been nothing less than an inspiration. Every event she attends, it’s also worth a wait to see what she wears.

Sonam is the pride of India at international shows
Can we call her Bollywood's fashion queen?
Words cannot describe how gorgeous she is

Always know how to steal the limelight with her choice of outfit. When putting on a gown, Sonam always shows us the way to be more outstanding with several eye-catching elements with crystal work, unique bodice, or exaggerated sleeves.

Top 5 Bollywood actresses in gowns will be unveiled in the next article, stay tuned! What more gorgeous looks of the top 10 in the video below!

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