"Style" Actor Sahil Khan Is Making Us Green With Envy Over His Wealthy And Luxurious Life

Maanyata Thu |Jul 03, 2019

Remember "Style" actor Sahil Khan? The forgotten Bollywood actor's life is now all about bikini babes, boat parties and fitness.

Sahil Khan, who shot to fame with his role in Style, has been back in the news with some latest pictures from his Instagram, making us green with envy over his wealthy and luxurious life.

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life
Image Source: Instagram

His 3,9-million-followers Instagram is filled with pictures of him traveling around the world and enjoying his fabulous lifestyle.

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life1

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life8

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life7
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Sahil Khan has also captured millions of hearts his with a perfectly muscled body, which gives any young actors a run for the money.

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life3
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Born on 5th November 1976, Sahil Khan began his career by starring in Nachange Saari Raat music video and then got noticed by filmmaker N Chandra after featuring in Oh Laila music video.

N Chandra later offered Sahil Khan his first acting gig in his directorial titled Style in which he played the male lead opposite Sharman Joshi. After that, Sahil went on to act in numerous films including the sequel of Style named Xcuse Me, Double Cross, and Aladin.

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life2
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After his last outing Ramaa: The Saviour in 2010, Sahil Khan had hinted that he was planning to make a Bollywood comeback as he posted a photo with Mallika Sherawat. However, the movie has put a hold later on for unknown reasons.

Since then, Sahail slowly went off the radar and has not appeared on the silver screen anymore. The 42-year-old actor found his fortune in the fitness business after walking away from the limelight.

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life9
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In 2009, he started working with nutritionist Rehan Jalali and industrialist Yash Birla to make nutritional supplements and he is now running a chain of gyms named Muscle and Beach.

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life5
Image Source: Instagram

In 2014, Sahil Khan ran into legal trouble after Jackie Shroff's wifey aka his former business partner Ayesha Shroff registered a complaint him for failing to repay her. The two had previously joined forces to start one production house in 2009 but things went downhill for them.

Sahil Khan Living Luxurious Life6
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Later, Sahil made a shocking revelation as he said that they were both in a relationship while Ayesha was already married to Jackie Shroff at that time. Responding to Sahil's claims, Ayesha said that it was impossible for her to have an ‘affair’ with Sahil because he was a gay man.

To prove his claims, Sahil Khan asked for one special court in which he submitted several intimate photos of Ayesha and him to the judge. However, when the fight between them had taken an ugly turn, both Ayesha Shroff and Sahil Khan decided to call a truce in March 2015.


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