Priyanka Chopra's Mother, Madhu Chopra, Gives Her Son-in-law Nick Jonas Full Endorsement

Kanchana Ngan |Dec 10, 2018

Priyanka Chopra's mother, Madhu Chopra, shared feelings about her son-in-law, Nick Jonas, in an interview, calling him the best son-in-law one could wish.

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Priyanka Chopra's mother fully endorses the couple's wedding.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra held their glorious wedding ceremonies in Jodhpur's Umaid Bhawan Palace on December 1 and 2. The first day was spent on the couple's white wedding following Christian rituals, they celebrated their nuptials by a Hindu ceremony in the later day. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's multicultural wedding has hit the headlines for days due to its monumental scale as well as the newlyweds' perfect chemistry presented on each picture and video.

Seeing her daughter's happy smile during the celebration, Madhu Chopra, Priyanka's mother, emotionally shared her feelings in a recent interview. Confessing to having waited for the day all her life, she broke out into tears, seeing Priyanka and Nick Jonas tying the knot. “I always trust Priyanka’s judgment", she said, and believed that the result would come out nicely and permanently thanks to her daughter's careful consideration.

She also gave her son-in-law the highest compliments, first of which was about the tremendous support from himself and his family as a whole. According to her, “Nick’s family members are such lovely human beings." They were wonderful with both weddings and did their best in blending and balancing the cultural differences. Besides, Nick was also praised by Madhu Chopra to be well-spoken and perfectly polite and respectful to the elderly. So thoughtful was he that he always tried to bring comfort to everyone surrounding. "He’s the best son-in-law one could ask for", she emphasized.

Priyanka Nick Jonas Wedding

Madhu Chopra is grateful to Nick Jonas and his family for thorough understanding and support.

After two main wedding ceremonies, the couple has also held some parties to celebrate their nuptials with friends. Following that will be a romantic honeymoon, whose detail has not been revealed, and hopefully a happy and life-lasting future for the star couple.


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