"Journalism Is One Of The Most Abused Professions Ever", Says Kangana Ranaut

Imran Asif Fazal |Jul 17, 2019

Kangana Ranaut continued to slam 'section' of media through media interviews. It will be interesting to know the stand of entertainment guild on these interviews.

Kangana Ranaut once again proved that she is untouchable for people trying to push her against the wall. In a series of allegations and media interviews, the actress continued her attacks on a "section" on media personnel.

In a recent media interview to an entertainment news portal, Kangana Ranaut slammed media persons criticizing national figures like Bhagat Singh and other martyrs. The actress called journalist Justin Rao as a "Bhatka Hua Nav Yuvak".

Kangana The Hauterfly
Source: The Hauterfly

When she was asked about the controversy, Kangana Ranaut, said,


Kangana 5

Condemning media persons further, Kangana Ranaut, said,


Kangana Ranaut Hairstyle

While attacking a section of the media, Kangana Ranaut claimed that not all media persons are being portrayed as villains, she said,


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