Happy Birthday Rajinikanth: Irreplaceable And Unbeatable Phenomenon In Tamil Cinema

Jyotis |Dec 12, 2018

Obviously, Rajinikanth is not an unfamiliar name with Tamil cinema's fans. The Indian actor is well-known for his talent and efforts in acting

Obviously, Rajinikanth is not an unfamiliar name with Tamil cinema's fans. The Indian actor, whose fond name is Thalaiva, is well-known not only for his talented and unforgettable performance in many big hits but also for his glamorous personality, wonderful nature and stylish appearance.

Gradually, Rajinikanth becomes an irreplaceable and unbeatable phenomenon in Tamil cinema.


A star stands out by his own talent

Rajinikanth is truly an independent man. The actor doesn't come from a film background and never had a grand debut. However, his acting career has begun with a supporting role in Apoorva Raagangal (by K. Balachander), the film that he made use of all the opportunity to have a role. Finally, he got the prominent position in Tamil cinema thanks to his own talent and efforts.

A great dad succeeds in guiding his darling daughter


Reportedly, Aishwarya, Rajinikanth's daughter, has shared that her father told that she should believe in ‘this too shall pass' philosophy and live happily without worrying too much.

Frankly, Aishwarya said: "It's (the advice) from my dad (Rajinikanth) and he always tells this to everybody, ‘This too shall pass'. It's the best life lesson for anybody. Do not hold on to anything too much, whether it's happiness or sorrow."

A man whose a classy humorous personality


Attended the audio premiere of Robot in Dubai, Rajinikanth told Aishwarya Rai humorously that how she could agree to work with such an old man like him. Also, the actor pulled the leg of the co-actor for not having thanked him in her speech. There is a website named Rajinikanth.com to collect all Rajinikanth's famous jokes.

A man sticks to Tamil cinema for more than four decades


Rajinikanth has played an important role in the Tamil cinema for more than four decades. This is one of the rare actors who experienced Black and White, Colour, Motion Capture, and 3D technologies.


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