Manoj Mairta Got No Due Credit For Mere Pyare Prime, Director Refuses Allegation

Author |Oct 19, 2018

Manoj Mairta, an Indian director, actor, and playwright has made an allegation that he still has not got due credits for a forthcoming Bollywood film which is Mere Pyare Prime Minister.

Manoj Mairta, an Indian director, actor, and playwright has made an allegation that he still has not got due credits for a forthcoming Bollywood film which is Mere Pyare Prime Minister. The film is under the direction of talented Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. Manoj Mairta also claims that he had been responsible for writing whole dialogues, story, as well as the screenplay.

At first, the writer even did not get due credits for that story at the time the promotion started. But, later they finally offered him the credit. After that, he had tried to communicate with Mehra. And, Manoj also has attracted to the Screenwriters Association or SWA for short. In his resistance, Mehra insisted that writer had made a “default representation”. More than that, Manoj Mairta even got in touch with producers as well as directors associations.

As regards the credit issue for the story, Manoj Mairta shared that he had been writing the story during the year 2012. He emphasized that this subject was tremendously important to him. The very first title which he had registered named Seven RCR. At that time, he tried to contact with myriad filmmakers to present his story which involved Omprakash Mehra, Nitin Kakkar, Anubhav Sinha, Anand L Rai, and so on.  Moreover, the year of 2012 was also the moment when Manoj Mairta gave a hand to Dilip Shukla, the writer with the project, Dabangg 2. And then, he gave back him a support for Jai Ho in 2014.

The filmmaker Omprakash Mehra repudiated the allegation made by Manoj Mairta

When talking about the title of the film, My Dear Prime Minister which was in 2014, Manoj Mairta admitted that the initial film title was not My Dear Prime Minister. But he had made up his mind to change the title to the current name now. Right after that, the director Mehra demonstrated his interest and attentiveness to have a meeting with him for discussing the story.

In defending his opinion, the filmmaker Mehra disproves this allegation. Plus, he reveals that it will take no more time for the truth to come out. Manoj Mairta continued to say that Mehra seemed to be in favor of the idea. Hence, he confirmed that he would make it and then got engaged in Mirzya 2016.

Again, he asked Manoj Mairta to re-concentrate on working with this script. Then, Manoj decided to finish it and send it back to him later. In terms of this script, he said that he would probably add several changes to make it better. And, Manoj finally agreed with these modifications. The shooting which bases on that script began in 2017.

Rakesh Omprasah Mehra 759

And, Manoj Mairta knows that they only make few cosmetic modifications. However, he hasn’t received any credit even when the media hype for that film started first. In an interview, Mehra unveiled that Manoj Mairta only made a tiny contribution which is about the one line idea of the story. And, Mehra had to fulfil the rest of the script by himself.

Not long after that, Manoj, with no delay, reached out him with a view to ask him to give Manoj the due credit for that story. Immediately, Mehra gave it to him. However, there is no recognition of credit for dialogue and screenplay and the credit is only for the story. To deal with this problem, Manoj Mairta then accosted SWA to ask for justice. They then gave him a verdict in his favour.

Manoj Mairta hopes to get credit for the film

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When Manoj Mairta got a connection with Mehra and he soon receives a statement from him. In this statement, he said that Manoj, at SWA, has exhibited the default representation. For the same case, another writer who is also in question is Hussain Dalal. For sure, his rights are things that we are all supposed to protect. That’s why this matter would soon reach for being discussed and it then gets the resolution soon. Mehra also stated that when you have a look at their IMDB post, Manoj will be much like a writer.

What Manoj Mairta hopes is that he would soon receive the due credit which involves the film, Mere Pyare Prime Minister. According to an executive committee member of SWA, Vinod Ranganath who also took the position of being a chairperson of SWA’s committee of Dispute settlement, he took charge of the call about the issue of Manoj Mairta.

He discloses that Manoj had contacted them for resolving the credit matter. And, after an appropriate reconnaissance and examination, they finally handed out a conclusion. It is that Manoj Mairta should get his first credit related to the dialogue as well as the screenplay.

He also stresses it is a truth that Manoj is the person who wrote the dialogues, story, screenplay, and script. Also, there is no denying that Mahra had a considerable contribution to several changes. However, these changes were finished on the thing that Manoj Mairta had offered. Moreover, Vinod Ranganath of SWA also summoned Mehra to meet him for discussion.

The CEO of Mehra also came and they argued with each other about the matter. During the meeting, they also said that they face up to the same problem in the same month. However, it took them up to four months for getting back. Vinod Ranganath thought that they seemed dissatisfied with the verdict that they gave out. 

Ranganath keeps saying...

Ranganath continued that his team, as well as Mehra, had agreed on the permitted format to sign the contract with Mairta. Also, he offered his compensation. Vinod Ranganath kept saying that unlike some others when they’ve been so obvious, why they still do this at this moment. And what they are doing seems something that he could not understand.

Ashoke Pandit, the filmmaker and also the Indian Film And Television Director Association’s president also shares his mind about this credit issue. He emphasizes that the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association and they have been contacted. Additionally, they had already established a committee who will be responsible for scrutinizing the versions as well as a call which is within a week time.


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