Richa Chadha Is Working On Her Belly Dance For Shakeela Biopic

Author |Oct 22, 2018

Actor Richa Chadha has started to learn belly dance for three weeks under the supervision of Shaina Lebana, a famous belly dancing teacher in Mumbai

Actor Richa Chadha has started to learn belly dance for three weeks under the supervision of Shaina Lebana. Shaina Lebana is a famous belly dancing teacher in Mumbai. She built up a special training course for Richa Chadha so that the actor can complete her role in the upcoming project, Shakeela biopic.


The most-awaited movie of director Indrajit Lankesk based on the life and casting career of south Indian adult star Shakeela. Shakeela has been a prominent name in the adult film industry since the 90s. The actor involved in many big hits including Telugu, Malayalam Tamil, and Kannada.

It's commonly known that Richa Chadha will play the lead role of Shakeela. Also, she will officially appear on screen with a unique promotional song for the movie. The film will be on screen on December 11, 2018.

"Learning new dancing forms is one of my interest. Belly dancing acts effectively is showing my attraction and gracefulness. Also, it is a tough challenge that I have to conquer." states Richa.

Richa looks so gorgeous in belly dancing suit

Belly dance is no longer unfamiliar to Richa as she has learned the dancing form for more than three years.

Sharing about her role, Richa said: "Playing Shakeela is one of the biggest challenges during my casting career. The film is the story of her since the very first moment she stepped into the adult film industry. Therefore, there must be a far distance in both appearance and experience. Still, Shakeela is a timeless icon, I and director Indrajit Lankesh always want to maintain and convey her images thoroughly. We will begin shooting in a beautiful small town so-called Tirthahalli in Karnataka."

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Speaking about his project, Lankesh said: "My project doesn’t omit any detail. We tried to remain her childhood, all of her important personal decision and especially her struggles and issues. Shakeela is quite open when sharing whatever happened in her whole life."

Besides, a spokesperson of Richa has recently shared: "The script of the movie was amazing. It will create a chance for audiences to recall the legendary journey of Shakeela."


Richa Chadha's stunning beauty at the shooting place, Tirthahalli, Karnataka.

Recently, the actor has posted a video of the shooting place. It's so stunning and magical. With the green grass, the dark rain clouds and a small lake, the place is a true heaven on earth.


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