Vikas Bahl Officially Responds To Sexual Harassment Accusations, States Allegations Are False

Author |Oct 22, 2018

Lately, Bollywood Film producer Vikas Bahl has run into a tremendous scandal relating to sexual harassment allegation.

Lately, Bollywood Film producer Vikas Bahl has run into a tremendous scandal relating to sexual harassment allegation. Facing the show-cause letter from IFTDA (Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association), he finally responded to the issue to shut down all of the critics. According to the director, those pieces of news are all fake, malevolent and stirred. The dilemma started when a woman working at Phantom Films laid blame on him for the unwanted sexual advances in 2015.

Vikas Bahl Has Never Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Before 

Replying to the show cause from IFTDA, the director of Queen claimed that he had never encountered any criminal complaints. In addition to that, it was not right when presuming him to be guilty without any proof. In the letter, he directly refuted the accuracy of all the sexual harassment allegations asserted in the notice. Those are absolutely conflicting to what happened as there was no incident taken place. Vikas Bahl added that he had never received any complaints on sexual misconduct before it happened. The accusations that he had to cope with were merely just rumoured and unidentified. That’s the reason why he keeps silence until any sign of guilt shows up.

Vikas Bahl Copy

The Bollywood director attends a defamation suit in the High court of Bombay to hear on. This is actually a defamation suit that he conducts against his previous companions Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap.

It happened as a result of their criticism on Vikas in different statements after the HuffPost interview showed the sexual harassment accusations from the victim.

Vikramaditya And Anurag Are Taking Advantage Out Of Him

Still, in the response to the show-cause notice from IFTDA, Vikas assumed that Vikramaditya and Anurag had defamed his reputation. They tweeted and went on several interviews, taken advantage of the situation for their own benefit. Even when they are partners running the business together, they made adverse statements with bad intentions. According to Vikas, it must be about vendetta and jealousy at work. All they want is to ruin his reputation so that his career would fall down the tubes. Therefore, he asked the Association not to take their words into consideration as they just make up the stories.
As the matter was still under judicial consideration, Bahl made a request to IFTDA. For that reason, they shouldn’t take charge on him, put an end to the membership he had been having with IFTDA and not give him a chance to be heard.


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