Sonam Kapoor Leads Twitter In Defence Of Priyanka Chopra Against Accusation Of Scamming Nick Jonas

Priyansh Ha |Dec 07, 2018

An article published by a US magazine has pointed at Priyanka as a scammer who trapped Nick Jonas into a marriage. So many Twitter users have jumped into the defence for Priyanka.

An article, which is against Priyanka Chopra, has triggered a controversy on Twitter lately. Published by The Cut from US magazine, the article has pointed at Priyanka as a scammer who trapped Nick Jonas into a marriage.

There was a strong protest wave on Twitter against the article. Leading the wave is Actor Sonam Kapoor who tried to defence of Priyanka against the rumour. The actor accused the magazine of being sexist and racist.

Sonam mentioned The Cut on Twitter and the author @mRiah for an appropriate response.

Nick Got Stuck In A 'Life Sentence'

The article from Mariah Smith describes Priyanka as a “global scam artist’ who has a tricky PR machinery looking out for a romantic love story. According to the author, all Nick wanted to do was just ‘a fling’ with an older woman. Unfortunately, he got stuck in a ‘life sentence’ that he’d better run away before the due date. The sexist part ridicules Priyanka for purchasing expensive things. It says that it’s a nonsense relationship when a 24-year-old bachelor like Nick wants to marry a woman who is 10 years older than him.

The Article Was Removed By The Publication

Many people including journalist Nidhi Razdan is against the article. He angrily calls it a ‘petty hate-mongering garbage’. According to the journalist, The Cut and its writer is having a professional problem like she is getting jealous of other’s happiness.

Below are other comments and reactions from Twitter users about the controversial article

Another comment says that it’s a long-standing myth when an older foreign woman of color entraps a naive white man. It’s problematic and embarrassing. 

Regardless of the nonsense rumor, Nick and Priyanka have received thousand of congrats and wishes from fans for their happy ending. The newlyweds tied the knot last weekend under the witness of their families and friends in Jodhpur. Following are two receptions which will take place in Delhi and Mumbai with the appearance of many national and international stars.


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