Trevor Noah Gives Explanation Of His Offensive Joke About India-Pakistan War

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 04, 2019

After making a lame joke about Indian-Pakistan war and sparking outrage on the Internet, the Daily Show host now defends himself.

After receiving a huge backlash from the audience for his joke about the growing tensions between India and Pakistan without noticing the severe of the situation, comedian Trevor Noah now says in defence for his “not-funny” comment.

The Daily Show host said that he was surprised when everyone is talking about his joke and when his joke become a trend over the Internet.

“It’s amazing to me that my joke about the conflict in India and Pakistan trended more than the story of the actual conflict itself. Sometimes it seems like people are more offended by the jokes comedians make about an issue than the issue itself,” his post read.


However, his set of vague and ambiguous statements again came under heavy flak.

A Twitter account wrote:

“This is SO. NOT IT. Trevor Noah doesn’t understand that people;e were offended because its… not funny to joke about people dying? It has been trending for days, everyone is talking about it. To avoid responsibility and to avoid apologizing, he's trying to shift the blame.

Many Bollywood stars and audiences also raise their voice about the comedian. Check out all the comment here:

Trevor Noah

Earlier, Trevor Noah stated that if India and Pakistan start a war, it would be “the most entertaining war”. He further joked about Indian soldier’s cry with Bollywood song. The South African comedian, however, being used to controversy as he often makes offensive comments on his show.


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