Top 50 Most Desirable Women: No.40 - Radhika Madan: Fiery Passion For Acting

Salena Harshini |Jun 30, 2019

One of the most promising names in the current crop of Indian actors, Radhika Madan has titled number 40 among Top 50 Most Desirable Women of India.

Radhika Madan is considered one of the most attractive and talented actresses in Indian Television and Bollywood. She gained her reputation through her first serial project Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi and till now, she is still continuing to steal hearts of the audience with her amazing gift in acting.

With her beauty, efforts and strong passion, the young actress has claimed the rank number 40 among Top 50 Most Desirable Women of India.

Here below are the interesting facts about our gorgeous and talented Radhika Madan.


Radhika Madan was born in Delhi, India in a middle-class family on 1/5/1995. Prior to studying in and graduating from Jesus and Mary College, the University of Delhi located in New Delhi in B. Com, she was a student of Delhi Public School.

 Top 50 Most Desirable Women - A Rather Rough Start To The Acting Bit


Radhika was settling down in New Delhi and had a plan to go to Broadway to learn professional dancing. When someone called her up for an audition after coming across her on Facebook, she doubted if it was a fake call to bait the hook taking the auditions’ names.

She even brought two male friends with her to crack down on the “defrauders” for tricking people.

However, when she reached the spot, she realized it was, in fact, a true audition. Therefore, she just put the weight off her chest and gave it a try.

She was among the contestants that got chosen and then came to Mumbai with her father for the final round of the audition.

Source: Instagram

Imitating people was one of her talents and she copied the person that went to audition before she did. Consequently, she managed to get to play the lead role in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi directed by Ekta Kapoor.

The then 19-year-old newbie began her shooting only three days after getting selected through the audition. The initial three months of shooting was so bad that she got depressed, cried and questioned her own ability.

However, a while after, things got much better when she got deep into the character and better her acting skills by learning on set.

After appeared in this TV serial, she became a well-known actress, but at that time she had only worked in one Television Serial.

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - Radhika's Success

Her debutant role in the TV series Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi earned her recognition from audiences as well as a lot of nominations and awards within a year.

Namely, the young actress won Best Debut Actress at Zee Gold Awards, Best Fresh Face (Female) at Indian Television Academy Awards, Best Actress at Gold Awards and plenty of other rewards.

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Thereafter, she continued on her acting route with assiduously partaking in new projects. Radhika paved her way into Bollywood with the comedic drama Pataakha in 2018 and kept on getting ominated and bagging awards for her outstanding acting skill.

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She is still working on more to maintain and to prosper from the ground that she has succeeded to build today.

On working in the movie industry and having attained these achievements, Radhika said that she “feels motivated to work harder to entertain people through her work.”

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - Devotion To The Roles

Her success did not just come out of the blue and fell on her head. Her notable attainments owe it to her devotion and ardor to totally fathom and become the role she took.

In the Pataakha drama for which she received Star Screen Awards’ trophy for her Bollywood debut act, Radhika Madan voluntarily learned to smoke and milk buffaloes.

Screenshot 195

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As expected, she brought no disappointment to the film critics. Raja Sen, director of Article 15, commented in his review,

Screenshot 197

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - Talent And Passion For Dancing

Radhika began dancing when she was in grade 8. She has learned a diversity of dancing genres such as ballet, hip-hop, jazz…

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At the early stages of her career, the actress was a dance instructor and she taught dancing in a dance school in Delhi. As mentioned above, before getting in the acting path, she intended to master her dancing profession in Broadway.

Top 50 Most Desirable Women - A Fan Of Kareena Kapoor


Radhika has a great favor for traveling and reading. Also, she is a big, a die-hard fan of Kareena Kapoor. She said she would pass out if she saw the actress in person.

Radhika said in a movie’s on-set,

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