Top 50 Most Desirable Women: No.20 - The Best Looks Of Miss Diva 2018 Runner-up Roshni Sheoran

Ariana Linh |Jun 25, 2019

After she was crowned the Miss Diva 2018 runner-up, Roshni Sheoran's name popped up everywhere. Let's have a look at a few of her best looks, and hse what this gorgeous beauty queen has to offer.

Before 2018, you wouldn't have heard of the name "Roshni Sheoran." However, after she was crowned the Miss Diva 2018 runner-up, Roshni's name popped up everywhere.

Since then, she has appeared on many magazine covers, was part of multiple successful ad campaigns and slew it at different catwalks.

Roshni Magazine
Roshni Sheoran as a model for a jewelry line called "Eternal Sparkle." Source: Instagram

While Nehal Chudasama took the top spot and had her chance to represent India at the Miss Universe Pageant at the end of last year, Roshni snatched second place.

It wasn't an easy choice since the judges had to pick only one out of the list of 19 phenomenal finalists. The models were handpicked from across the countries, and they showed no hold bars to brought forth their talents and beauty.

Roshni Models
The winners of Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Universe 2018. Source: Indiatimes

The divas who reached the finale went through rigorous training, and Roshni outshined them in front of the celebrity judges. However, you wouldn't be surprised why she was so highly praised with her most recent photoshoot.

Roshni Model
Roshni Sheoran being crowned as the Miss Diva 2018 runner-up. Source: Instagram

Roshni is quite active on Instagram to share pictures about her daily life, her glamorous celebrity ventures and of course, photoshoots. This stunning model proves she can look good in almost any styles from modern to traditional, sexy to discreet.

Through these pictures, you can see her undeniable charm and beauty, and those eyes would entrance anyone, even on screen. Let’s all appreciate her gorgeous looks with the following.

Top 50 Most Desirable Women lister looks fashionable in the trendy outfits

Roshni Insta1
Roshni Sheoran looks excellent in her wool sweater and miniskirt. Source: Instagram

From her eyes to her pose, Roshni is undoubtedly one of the goddess of beauty that would leave you gasping for air at her presence. The wool sweater looks great on her, while the miniskirt exasperates her figure. Additionally, the simple color scheme helps you focus on her beautiful face.

She still looks great in traditional outfits

Roshni Tradi1
Source: Instagram

Roshni can also break away from her usual style and put on something a little bit more traditional. She wears a simple saree and makes a style statement with a colorful outfit, a pair of heavy earrings and a huge bindi. The model also ties her up, giving us a less mature image.

Roshni Tradi2
Roshni shows her beauty and grace with this picture. Source: Instagram

What a sight to behold. A full-body shot with her hair on the side of her head. Roshni truly looks like a goddess with this simple traditional look. She makes our hearts skip a beat with her elegance and sad eyes as she poses for the lens. 

A sexy Roshni

Roshni Sexy
Source: Instagram

Next, we move from grace and reserved to something a bit sexier. Roshni Sheoran proves that she has never been fixed in only one avatar. Sporting the classic shirt-with-no-underwear look, one glimpse and no male can resist her. Those smooth, long legs, those seductive eyes, and the messy hair are to die for.

Roshni Sexy1
Her well-toned body and petite figures are on full display in this swimsuit shot. Source: Instagram

No model showcase is complete without a bikini. Here you can see Roshni in all her glory. Her blue top further promotes her slender and sexy figure. A bikini doesn't leave much to the imagination, but one can't help but be drawn into her perfect body.

She looks sporty in shorts and a tee shirt

Roshni Casual
With everyday-clothing, Roshni seems like your friendly neighbor. Source: Instagram

You might not believe this, but Roshni can also look great without any makeup or photoshop. Even in her casual clothing, the young model looks amazing. Her black high boots, camo shorts, and T-shirt enable a sense of familiarity and friendliness. Who wouldn't want to be friend with her?

To conclude, Roshni Sheoran is truly a symbol of beauty in the modeling industry and she deserves to be honored in the list of Top 50 Most Desirable Women. Not only does she look amazing in a variety of styles, but she also has the talent to go with it. She might not have won Miss Diva 2018, but she sure had captured the hearts of many.


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