Tiger Shroff Facts: 5 Things You Probably Haven't Known About The Birthday Boy

Salena Harshini |Mar 02, 2020

Today is the day Tiger Shroff turns 30th years old. Check out lesser-known Tiger Shroff facts that would send you a surprise.

Bollywood’s next-generation star Tiger Shroff has evolved from “Jackie Shroff’s son” to one of the most attractive and daring hunks in the industry. He is undoubtedly talented, handsome and famous to both girls and guys, but there are also things that you may have not known about him. And that’s why we have made this list of Tiger Shroff facts that may remain unknown to some people.

Well, here is a small fact that you probably know but have forgotten, that Tiger Shroff's birthday is today, March 2! The actor is turning 30 this year.

1. Tiger Shroff’s real name

His real name is not Tiger but is actually Jai Hemant Shroff.

Tiger Shroff Facts
Tiger Shroff's real name is Jai Hemant Shroff

While the buzz has tried trolling him for his name, it was his dad Jackie Shroff who gave him the nickname Tiger and it was used to address him even more than “Jai Hemant”. For why Jackie called his son Tiger, it was because the actor used to bite like a tiger when he was little.

2. Tiger Shroff’s bloodline

Have you ever wondered why the Baaghi actor looks so unique? For the unversed, Tiger has a mixed genetic line that makes him outstanding from the rest. He is a mix of Bengali, Turkish, Belgian and Gujrati descent.

Tiger Shroff Facts 1
Tiger Shroff facts is that he is a mixed child

3. Tiger Shroff is a vegetarian and a teetotaler

One of Tiger Shroff facts is that he never smokes or drinks. His ripping biceps and macho built may also the result of his not using any substance and following healthy lifestyle.

He has confessed to only eat vegetables, well he actually consumes eggs occasionally.

Tiger Shroff Facts 2
The actor is a vegetarian

4. Tiger Shroff has a 5th-degree belt

There are this Tiger Shroff facts that may explain his skills regarding action sequences. He is fantastic with doing 360-degree kicks and parkour scenes without a stunt as he is not only a great dancer but also he has a 5th-degree Taekwondo black belt.

Tiger Shroff facts 3
Tiger Shroff has a black belt in Taekwondo

5. Tiger Shroff inspired Aamir Khan to get in shape

Aamir Khan had taken tips from Tiger Shroff to get in shape for ‘Dhoom 3’.

We have seen Aamir Khan changing into a six-packed man in Dhoom 3 and he has received utmost applause for his transformation. Little do people know that Mr. Perfection took fitness cues from no one but Tiger Shroff.

Tiger Shroff Facts 4
Aamir Khan took workout tips from Tiger Shroff

On the work front, fans are looking forward to seeing the actor in new projects this year. Feel free to share with us more Tiger Shroff facts that you are aware of.

Lastly, we hope Tiger Shroff has a happy birthday with a lot of success and blesses coming in his way!


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