The Mystery Behind Priyanka Chopra's RED Wedding Lehenga

Jyotis |Dec 07, 2018

Her lehenga is the simplest among Bollywood's bridal one. The netizen mostly claimed that "the simplest is the most attractive."

Nick Jonas - Priyanka Chopra's wedding and its related stories are going viral on the Internet, especially the mystery behind the lehenga of Priyanka. Her lehenga is the simplest lehenga among Bollywood's bridal lehenga. The netizen mostly claimed that "the simplest is the most attractive."

1. Red for longing and romance?

Inside Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Breathtaking

Ami Patel, Priyanka's wedding stylist, simply confirmed on her Instagram that the actor always chose red for her costume. "Red! That's the color she wanted for her Hindu wedding. No gold no other color mixed into this, just pure red," Ami posted. Meanwhile, Priyanka's fan stated that red means longing and romance between the couple.

2. Simple but Complex


Priyanka's red Sabyasachi lehenga maybe simple at first sight, but it's a complex masterpiece of the whole stylist and designer. All the organza flowers were hand-cut and hand-embroidered, the French knots were made from silk floss, and Siam-red crystals were carefully layered. The Sabyasachi lehenga followed the Bohemian style, simple but elegant.

3. The Karigars



It took 110 embroiderers from Kolkata and 3720 working hours to make this bridal masterpiece.

4. The mughal jewelry


One of the most important things that made up of the glorious but traditional beauty of lehenga is the Mughal jewelry. It was crafted from Japanese cultured pearls, emeralds, and uncut diamonds by skilled craftsmen.

5. Nick's gentle sherwani


Not only the Priyanka's lehenga but also Nick's Sherwani became the hot topics on the social network. The whole sherwani of Nick was a combination of hand-embroidered chikan dupatta and a chanderi tissue safa paired with a rose cut kalgi and a diamond necklace coming from the collection of Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry.

Beside the glorious red lehenga for Hindu rituals, the bride Priyanka wore an exquisite gown by Ralph Lauren for Christian rituals. Meanwhile, the groom Nick, groomsmen, bridesmaid also dressed in the traditional designs by this famous designer.


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