The B-town Besties Alia And Katrina Quash All The Rumors Over Their Relationship

Jyotis |Nov 13, 2018

Actress Katrina Kaif and singer-actor Alia Bhatt have put out all the rumors on their relationship by smiling brightly closely in the same frame

Ek Tha Tiger's actress Katrina Kaif and singer-actor Alia Bhatt have put out all the rumors over their controversial relationship by smiling brightly in the same frame. Reportedly, the rumors burst out since Alia Bhatt became the girlfriend of Ranbir Kapoor, the ex-boyfriend of Katrina.

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Before the appearance of Ranbir Kapoor, Alia and Katrina used to have a tight bond. They often shared sisterly moments on Instagram, appeared together at big events and supported each other on their casting career. However, Alia hasn't posted any Katrina-related images for a very long time. Previously, the two celebs were spotted separately at Diwali party of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri. This made netizens questioned whether Ranbir has broken the close relationship between the two celebs.

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Nonetheless, the latest post of Alia has put out all the rumors and questions. In that pic, the two celebs wore black costumes, smiled brightly and posed with Anaita Shroff Adajania. Alia dressed in a gorgeous black lehenga paired with one-of-a-kind earrings. Whereas, Katrina chose a black outfit having an elegant plunging neckline.

It's reported that the duo became besties since they did gym together. Also, Katrina and Alia appeared together on the chat show of Neha Dhupia. In 2017, the B-town besties celebrated Christmas and shared their moment on Insta.

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In May 2018, Alia has frankly denied the rumors, she confirmed: "We are still well-connected though rarely appeared together in public. I don’t react to rumors. Rumors are not meant to be reacted upon. As long as you aren’t entering my bathroom, I am fine because if you are not talking about me then maybe I am not relevant enough. But honestly, I am in a good place both personally and professionally so no issues whatsoever."

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Alia will co-act with Ranbir in Brahmastra by Ayan Mukerji. Recently, Alia shared the sweet moments of her and Ranbir's parents in Newyork.

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