'Rakhi Sawant Is A Sex And Money Obsessed Moron', says Tanushree Dutta

Author |Nov 01, 2018

Tanushree Dutta lased out at the Bollywood 'Sex Symbol Rakhi Sawant's statement said the actress sexually assaulted her and touched her private part

Actress Tanushree Dutta is making back to back headlines again when Rakhi Sawant made an explosive statement about the former India Miss Universe. In detail, has named and shamed Horn Ok Please actress for raping her numerous time many years ago and allegedly said that Tanushree is a lesbian. However, Tanushree Dutta refuted the oft-repeated charge and harshly retorted to the Ek Kahani Julie Ki actress’s accusations.

I Select My Friends Wisely Says Tanushree Dutta

“Rakhi Sawant was not a friend of mine”, Tanushree said

Tanushree was quoted as saying she only run across the actress once at the airport and she has never been friend with the Bollywood ‘Sex symbol’.

“I was advised to choose friend very carefully and I live with that advice. Simply, I just avoid all people I think are not good to be friend with”, Tanushree confessed.

Rakhi Sawant Is A Disgusting Characterless Perverted Woman

Tanushree termed Rakhi as an uneducated, dirty and perverted woman

“It’s disgusting when uneducated, dirty, classless, perverted and degraded abominations like Rakhi Sawant claim to ever be friend with me,” Tanushree Dutta stated in the interview.

I Repeat, I Am Not A Lesbian

“Shame on you, Rakhi”

"Again, I am not a lesbian", the actress answered to Rakhi Sawant’s statement called her a lesbian because Tanushree once shaved her head. The actress further explained that it happened during 'diksha' when she initiated into spiritual practices, gave up her identity signified and surrender to God and Guru. Also, it was one of Hindu tradition.

Tanushree then concluded by saying “Degrading a Hindu tradition by calling it homosexual pratise. So shame on you Rakhi!”

Rakhi Sawant Is A Sex Obsessed Moron

“Rakhi Sawant is a sex and money obsessed moron”

“I think you have had done a plastic surgery on your brain also”, the Bollywood actress gave her comment about Rakhi Sawant. Lastly, the actress sent her personal message to Rakhi Sawant, reading “Your fame will perish very soon as your liar”.

Tanushree Dutta has 10-year hiatus before made her comeback in Bollywood. Previously, she first brought her sexual harassment to light in 2008 but it was largely ignored. Until recently, in an interview, she revealed her bad experience to the mass media again which could be seen as a catalyst of Metoo wave in India.

Rakhi Sawant Will Perish Very Soon



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