Sudha Chandra Images You've Never Seen - The Untold Story Of Woman Who Dances On Jaipur Foot

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 23, 2020

Apart from her talents and inspiring life story, Sudha Chandra also gains popularity as an actress who ages like good wine. Check out Sudha Chandra hots and charming photos you've never seen before!

Being born in Mumbai in 1965, Sudha Chandra is well-known as one of the most talented dancers and actresses of India. She not only gains a reputation as a dancer with an artificial leg but also for her iconic role as a vamp mother-in-law in TV series Kahiin Kisi Roz. In addition to that, she is also a beautiful and charming actress who ages like good wine. Today, let's take a look at a different Sudha Chandra images which you've never seen before.

Sudha Chandra images 1
Sudha Chandra is a talented and charming actress who ages like good wine

Sudha Chandra has a huge passion for dance.

Sudha Chandran Young Image
To Sudha Chandran, dancing is her life-long motivation.

Sudha Chandra has been keen on dancing since she was a child. She never skips her dance class and even stays until 9 pm to practice every day. Despite standing first at school, the actress decides to go with arts instead of science. She had done several shows and events before her life turns into a new chapter.

Sudha Chandra Images Young
Sudha Chandra has a huge passion for dancing and never skips a class.

Then the tragedy came, Sudha Chandra lost her leg.

The talented actress met an accident while traveling by bus. It was just some minor fractures and cuts at first. Unfortunately, her foot getting gangrene due to some intern's mistakes.

Sudha Chandran Young Photo
Losing her leg since 15 couldn't stop Sudha from seeking for happiness in life.

It was hard for Sudha Chandra and her family to come up with the final decision of cutting her right foot. However, it was the only way to keep it from spreading throughout her body.

Sudha Chandra images in traditional dress
Sudha Chandra stuns in gorgeous costumes, leaving no inferiority for her imperfections.

No surrender, Sudha rose from the dust.

Sudha Chandran Hot Performance
Nothing can stop her from dancing heart and soul on the stage.

As a passionate dancer, it was a huge loss for her having one of her foot cut. However, Sudha Chandra realized that there was nothing that can stop her from dancing. She started to learn how to walk, and to dance once more time.

Sudha Chandran In Marathi Movie
Not just back to dance, Sudha also joined the film industry.

It took her 4 months to walk straight and up to 3 years to dance, things were tough but she has never given up on her dream.

Sudha Chandra Images at event
The dancer actress stuns in a hot pink saree at a red carpet event
Sudha Chandran Picture
Sudha Chandran always looks on the bright side, inspiring others with her optimistic life.

After years of working hard, she made it again standing on the stage, giving her best shot in the role of Varanyam. Apart from the stages and shows, Sudha Chandra made her Telugu debut for the first time playing herself in the 1984 biopic Mayuri which tells the inspirational story of her own life.

Sudha Chandran Receiving Certificate
For her endless endeavour and talent, Sudha was recognized and loved worldwide.

She also featured in several TV series including Kaahin Kissii RozK Street Pali Hill and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.

Take a look at Sudha Chandra stunning performance from her very young age till now!

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