Sonu Sood Net Worth, Wife, Movies: Everything You Want To Know About The Hero Of Indian Migrant Workers

Salena Harshini |Aug 09, 2020

People are naming their children after him. Directors are making movies about him. Who is Sonu Sood, the hero of 2020?

The entire Indian Internet is obsessed over actor Sonu Sood after his humane and heartfelt gesture is revealed to the world. He has been avid in helping migrant workers marooned in Maharashtra to return homes in different regions of India.

The searches about the sensation are spiking and if you are also among those who want to know more about him, here is everything from his background, life story, career as well as Sonu Sood net worth that we have collected for you.

Sonu Sood is winning hearts of millions with his benevolence amid the hard time

1. Sonu Sood biography

Sonu Sood was an ordinary boy from Moga, Punjab who started his career from scratch.

Born on 30 July 1973, the actor is now 47 years old and has been enjoying a great reputation as well as private life.

His interest in acting developed after he joined modeling in Yeshwantrao Chavan, his college in Nagpur. He came to Mumbai after graduation to pursue his dream as an actor. He had to live in a one-kitchen apartment along with 6 other boys.

Sonu Sood
Sonu got his first offer in the year 1999

Post dropping his photograph to film studios’ casting directors. He got his first movie in 1999, Kallazhagar.

The actor got his breakthrough with Arundhati and after that, there is no turning back for Sonu. He has gone on to star in more acclaimed movies such as Salman Khan starrer Dabangg. He is well-known to play negative characters on the screens and is considered one of the highest-paid actors in Bollywood.

2. Sonu Sood family

When it comes to who has the most impact on the person he is now, it is certainly Sonu Sood family.

The actor was born in a non-film family. His father was an entrepreneur working in the textile business while his mother was a teacher. With this family background, Sonu Sood net worth is not as huge as other Bollywood actors but he is always to share his money with those in need.

Sonu Sood4
He doesn't have a filmy background

His father passed away a few years ago, 8 years after his mother was gone. On the death anniversary of his father, the actor penned a heartfelt note, saying he is thankful for his father to have taught him the lessons of his life and inspired him to be helpful to others.

Through there, it seems that he is really pouring his heart and mind in helping people, not only to follow his father’s footsteps but also because he understands the struggles they have to go through.

Sonu Sood3
He has come forward to send thousands of migrants to different areas of India in multiple trains and planes.

Especially, his action to help migrant workers have received the appreciation of many including Smriti Irani – Union Minister, and Amarinder Singh – Punjab CM.

3. Sonu Sood and his good deeds

Knowing that a lot of people have to walk hundreds of kilometers to reach their home, he decided to lend a hand. He was constantly in touch with the transport authorities to get permission for migrants to travel.

Kapil Karma
Sonu gets emotional on The Kapil Sharma Show as migrant workers express their gratitude

He revealed on The Kapil Sharma Show that people across the country sent him pictures and messages to inform him about their lives. He added that sometimes, people even call him in the middle of the night.

The migrants on the show also revealed that Sood helped them and 170 others go to Bhuvaneshwar from Kochi by flight. The migrants are extremely grateful to the actor and also ask others to reach Sonu for help. Reacting to this, many people doubted the good deeds of the actor, saying they would do the same for fame if having Sonu Sood net worth. But details below would ditch these doubtful rumours.

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Sonu Sood2
People have named their babies Sonu Sood, especially in UP and Bihar while a lot also created materials to honor him, like this pic

One of the two girls who traveled to Mumbai from Jaunpur, UP revealed that not only he helped them reach the village, but he also called her sometimes to ask about their whereabouts, water, food, and more. If it's not for his consideration and sincere desire to help, no one would bother to call migrants once they reach home like that.

For the unknown, the star also has a family-owned hotel called Shakti Sagar which is close to Iskcon, Juhu Mumbai. He offered the local authorities to use it for paramedical purposes during the pandemic hit. Clearly, the actor sacrificed his economic benefits to join force with our government in fighting the virus.

4. Sonu Sood net worth

In the wake of his benevolent acts, many may have been wondering about Sonu Sood net worth. How can he manage to do all these things which demand a lot of money?

Sonu Sood
His net worth is bound to leave many stunned

To this backdrop, we will let it out on the open. As per sources, Sonu Sood net worth is estimated to be approximately Rs 130 crores.

Yes, it is a fact that he is not the highest-earning in town as our top richest Bollywood actors but he is willing to share it with other people, especially those he can't get something back other than their respects. He has established a great paragon after giving his hand to others amid a hard time.

5. Sonu Sood wife

He is also well-known for his fairy tale love story. He has been married to his wife, Sonali Sood, for 24 years. The actor fell in love way before starting his acting career.

Sonu Sood Wife
He started a family with Sonali Sood

As reported, Sonali is the only one he has ever been in a relationship with in real life. The two met while studying in Nagpur and got hitched in 1996 in a court.  She has been part of his life for such a long time now.

They are proud parents to two sons, Ishant and Ayaan Sood.

6. Sonu Sood movies

As much as his benevolent activities, Sonu Sood filmography is also admirable. He was part of a lot of films, most prominently are Dabangg, Simmba, Arundhati, Jackie Chan-starrer Kung Fu Yoga, or Entertainment.

Simmbaa 759
Sonu was a part of several blockbusters such as Simmba, Dabangg

He is going to be seen next in the action drama Prithviraj, co-starring Akshay Kumar, Manushi Chhilaar.

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