Sonakshi Sinha Reveals The Disparity In Payment Of Bollywood And Some Recent Rape Cases

Ankita Chetana |Dec 17, 2019

“Dabangg 3” actress Sonakshi Sinha shared her thoughts of the pay disparity in B-town and the recent terrible hot topic of rape cases in India.

Fashionista and actress Sonakshi Sinha is amongst the divas who raised their voice about many problems including controversial issues. Following her honest reputation, she recently opened up about the pay disparity in the tinsel town as well as the abominable rape cases over the country.

In Sonakshi’s opinions, she saw obviously that despite the same long way, the male stars receive more love and get more followers than the female ones. Talking more closely to the Bollywood payment disparity, the Dabangg 3 actress poured out her thoughts honestly that she has joined some films helmed by women, the male superstars, in fact, have been paid more than the female stars.

Sonakshi Sinha

She pointed out that the audience will be the one to decide how much the actors get paid. As Taapse Pannu had stated, if the female stars’ movies can draw a lot of attraction from the audiences as same as the male superstars did, the actresses will receive as much as they can. However, the truth has happened ever that the actors always get more audience than actresses. It’s still a long way to raise the topic of equality in the gender of Bollywood stars.


During the same interview, Sonakshi Sinha expressed her points of view about the rape cases shocking the world recently. She shared that she feels unhappy to hear about such news time and again in a country she is living in. She couldn’t speak about it in public as she can express her anger easily at any time she doesn’t know.

She further explained that the criminals should be punished appropriately according to what they did. But at the same time, people may execute the fake cases that we cannot implement the legal punishment. This has been making her really angry.

Sonakshi Sinha

On her upcoming projects, Sonakshi will make her appearance in the much-expected hit Dabangg 3 alongside Salman Khan. Rather than that, she was a part Akshay Kumar’s blockbuster Mission Mangal in which she co-starred with many other actresses such as Vidya Balan and Taapsee Pannu.


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