Sonakshi Sinha Exclusive Interview: “I Really Believe I’m Destiny’s Child”

Mohnish Singh |Dec 19, 2019

Sonakshi Sinha returns to play her popular character of Rajjo in “Dabangg 3”, the third instalment of the Dabangg franchise, set to release on 20th December.

Sonakshi Sinha entered filmdom with Salman Khan’s Dabangg. When she made her acting debut with the film in 2010, she had not thought Dabangg would attain cult status and spawn a franchise. Nine years after the release of the cop-drama, Sonakshi Sinha is awaiting the release of Dabangg 3, the third instalment of the franchise.


Ahead of the theatrical release of the film, STARBIZ caught up with Sonakshi Sinha and tried to find out more about her character Rajjo, which she has been playing effortlessly since the very first part of the franchise, how Dabangg 3 is different from its previous parts and much more.

What’s new about Dabangg 3?

When there is a franchise, for every instalment we try to showcase something new to the audiences. In this film, we have gone into the prequel about how did he become Chulbul Pandey. So, it is exciting even for us and the people associated with the film. I think it’s a new thing for us as well as for the audiences, and it was a great fun shooting for it.

This is your 25th film. You had started off your career with Dabangg and now you are starring in its prequel. How excited are you about it?

Exactly, there can’t be a better coincidence than this. My first film was Dabangg and my silver jubilee film is also Dabangg 3 and this wasn’t planned. It’s a coincidence and it has just happened. It’s amazing because I still feel that my debut happened just recently and how these 9 years passed and till date, I remain unaware of it. Whatever work I have done and learnt and it is only after all this have, I reached here. I started off with Dabangg and whatever I am, it’s all because of Dabangg and because of the Khan family. It’s been an amazing journey for me. I have done great work and I have learnt a lot too.

Apart from the Khan family, you have also been receiving very good scripts and films where you have grown as an actor. Do you believe in that?

I consider myself very fortunate. I never wanted to do acting, I never had the inclination towards it even though I came from a film family. I wanted to do other things. I was studying Fashion Designing and after I completed that, Salman Khan said that I have a film and you have to do it. Nobody asked me. Once Abhinav Kashyap, Arbaaz Khan, my mom and my dad were all sitting together and narration of the film was going on. They looked at each other, nodded heads, shook hands and arrangements were all done and I just came into this film. So, luck played a very big factor here, my destiny and when I reached the sets, I felt that “that’s it, I don’t want to do anything other than this”. So, you know I really believe that I am destiny’s child and whatever is written for a person, that is bound to happen.

When it comes to franchise, there are many films like Housefull, Dhamaal and Golmaal where actors keep on changing but Dabangg is really important for you because you have been starring in all its films and there haven’t been any changes. What do you have to say about it?

Again, I feel very fortunate, because if you take any franchise actresses don’t repeat and I am here for the third time, third instalments. This has become territorial as Dabangg is my film and since there are two characters Chulbul Pandey and Rajjo which have been accepted widely and loved, I don’t think you can change a character because right from the start it has been their story and it has gone way forward so you cannot change that character or the actor. Because if Chulbul Pandey is being played by Salman Khan then but obvious Rajjo too will be played by me.

You are playing Rajjo after 7 years. Did you face any difficulties playing her again?

Not at all. I can play Rajjo even in my sleep. So, I think there is a comfort level with your character when you have already played it in the first and second part and I was waiting that when will the third part come and when will I play my character again. So, I think the comfort or ease with my character Rajjo and that is what has worked for me in this film.

When it comes to characters, this year saw three of your releases and all your characters have been received with a lot of love. Does Rajjo’s character has that standing in Dabangg 3?

Rajjo is a Dabangg girl and that’s the reason she is in Dabangg. I think she is the kind of wife where if her husband is going on the wrong track, she brings him on the right track. She stands with Chulbul Pandey and guides him, I think that characteristics are in Rajjo and which is why they make such a beautiful couple, such a beautiful marriage they have which has been the same even in part 3 and for me it’s very important that I play a different character in every film. So, the 4 films that have released this year, if you observe every character has been drastically different from other characters. So that keeps me excited to do my job, to do my role well, do something different.

There was one film where you were the only main character, then in another film you had 4 different actresses and, in this film, there is yet another heroine. Are you trying to experiment like this?

It’s nothing like that. I don’t think I ever plan and never did I. I am very instinctive and honestly, I want to do all kinds of films. I don’t come with any restriction or mindset that I won’t do such kind of films and I feel I am very lucky that I have been able to  achieve for myself that if any producer or director is making a film irrespective of the genre like a Rowdy Rathore (2012) or a film like Dabangg or Lootera (2013) or Akira (2016), an action film or a film like Mission Mangal (2019) multi-starrer, any producer or director can see me in that film. So, for me, that is my biggest achievement. I want to do all kinds of films.               

Of all the three Dabangg films, which one is close to your heart and which actor have you been most comfortable working with?

I think my approach regarding films is such that when I start with a film, I look up to it as my first film. If tomorrow I am doing yet another film, for me it will be my first film that I will be doing. I think every film has been very close to my heart. If I am not interested and if it is not close to my heart, then you lose your interest. You might not be able to play the character wholeheartedly, you know, I don’t like working in this manner. Other than that, I share the comfort level with everyone. I am such a person that I get along with everyone. My attitude and mindset are to get along with everyone on the sets, all the people that I work with because it’s only then a good atmosphere is created, you get positive vibes, you have great fun while working. So, I have a great equation with everyone.

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