Shibani Dandekar And Farhan Akhtar To Enter To Marriage Shortly?

Kareena Kusari |Jan 06, 2019

The couple implicitly admitted their loving relationship when Shibani appeared in Farhan’s 2018 Canadian tour.

Shibani Dandekar and Farhan Akhtar

2018 witnessed numerous fairy-tale romance in Bollywood entertainment industry. And the couple singer Shibani Dandekar and director Farhan Akhtar also marked their names in this year’s list of happiness. After long silence amid the rumours surrounding their relationship, Farhan eventually ended months of the admirers and media’s speculation with one photograph posted on his Instagram the previous year. And the two have seemed inseparable ever since.

From sharing their sweet photos via Instagram to walking hand in hand at Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’ wedding party in Mumbai, and celebrating New Year 2019 side by side, it seems that the couple is spending time savouring the relaxing moments together.

Recently, a popular daily magazine revealed that they are ready to take their romance to new heights shortly. The duo is thinking about a suitable time for their marriage. It’s possible within this year or early next year.

Additionally, one of their mates told the magazine that the two are truly “serious” about their relationship, and Farhan's children have also “warmed up to Shibani.” Therefore, this situation seems like “the most obvious step” for them.

Previously, facing the rumours about their secret relationship, the female singer responded, "I am not secretive, but I don't feel the need to say things out loud."

In an interview, when asked about her loving relationship, Shibani stated that she feels it not necessary to make a public announcement about her personal relationship. In her point of view, she has the right to decide how to share her private life. Similarly, the admirers also have their rights to choose how to “look at it.” She added:

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The couple implicitly admitted their loving relationship when Shibani appeared in Farhan’s 2018 Canadian tour. Nevertheless, she still keeps silence before the speculations over their affection. As a public figure, she thinks that the audiences are “entitled” to voice their viewpoints on the entertainment world’s matters. Nonetheless, she is unaffected by those opinions. “ she confided:

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