Shah Rukh Khan To Team Up With Iron Man, Captain America, Thor In Dubai

Priyansh Ha |Mar 24, 2019

Along with Marvel superheroes, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan joined hands to solve a riddle in in Dubai as a part of his latest promotional campaign.

One of the biggest Bollywood heartthrobs Shah Rukh Khan has surprised audiences with his appearance along with Marvel’s superheroes: Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man.

Joining three superheroes, Shah Rukh Khan tried to complete the mission of addressing another problem in a scenic location of Dubai. This scene belongs to Khan’s most recent advertising campaign.

The Bollywood actor has shown up in several clips created as a part of the Dubai Tourist attraction campaign #BeMyGuess.


Shah Rukh Khan And His Journey Seeking For Treasures

The beginning of the fourth video shows footage in which Shah Rukh Khan is speaking up a mysterious line

To continue the series, the Indian superstar goes to an amusement park called IMG World's Of Adventure to help a woman find her son.

Afterwards, he gained a prize saying that white hat is a need if you want to achieve the ultimate triumph. He then receives his second coin from the metal piece.

The videos end with Shah Rukh Khan’s question for viewers. He announces that in Dubai, there are three mysteriously concealed coins. He has found two of them, which means the last one is still unknown.

He also asks the viewers for the next locations he should go to find the last one.

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Check out the full video here:


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